What happened to Umbrige and other members of the Ministry who blindly followed it even durrin Voldemort's reigin?

Hey fellow NerdFighters I was just wondering what you think happened to those in the Ministry who followed it blindly durring Voldemort's reign (expect Percy I feel like because he came back durring the battle and relized the Ministry isn't always right). Thanks and DFTBA.

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while i'd love to think Shacklebolt cleans house, but the sad fact is, a lot of the yesmen and nasties probably stay.

According to JK Rowling, Umbridge and a few others were given life sentences in Azkaban, the rest were killed in Hogwarts

Don't worry neither could I.

They all have thier merits. And it would have been refreshing to have more that just Sirius die in Order of the Phoenix

I think @Finbarr James Maguire means the book/movie titled The Order Of The Phoenix.

took me a minute too

Yeah. Kind of though 'What the frick is she on about, going at me like a Giant Squid of anger?'

Well sometimes people just don't understand and you have to forgive their temporary Giant Squid Syndrome.
That would be EXCELLENT. At least Voldemort was respectably evil. There wasn't any sort of respect in my heart for Umbridge. SHE CAN'T EVEN PICK A SIDE.

By the way, my personal favorite happens to be thrown into the Black Lake by Grawp and attacked by merpeople.


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