You say Lumos whenever you turn on a flashlight!!!!!

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i do that, too! but at work.
when friends complain in your car because you wave more wizard rock on your ipod than you do muggle music.
You roll your eye when people dont know who "Tom Riddle" is.
omg haha, i do that!! im like just talking about it with my other harry potter obsessed friend and i get to somewhere about tom riddle and my best friend heard that name and she's like who? she doesnt like harry potter :0 can you believe that!? so ive gotten used to rolling my eyes at her. :)
just reading that made me angry, I thought everyone knew!!
I mean even people who don't read the books, it's in the second movie!
Tom Marvolo Riddle, I am Lord Voldemort!
lol i do the flashlight thing and people go, rachel stop being weird!!!
- You're always getting weird looks from people when you ask if they have possibly seen your toad.
my fiance won't let me get a ginger cat just for that very reason. When he suggested we get a tabby cat, I told him I'd name it Mrs. Norris, even if it was a boy. Then he said "Let's just get a dog," and I said, "Can I name him Fang? Or possibly Fluffy?' He's very frustrated with me at the moment.
Name it Sirius!
Or padfoot.
When you're trying to give a friend of yours a blow-by-blow narration of the seventh installment and from time to time you can remember the exact lines from the situation you're narrating
I do that all the time. Somebody will say something that makes me think of Harry Potter, and I'll recite half a page from memory.


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