There are no discussions about who is what country and that made me sad :( So here you go kids! Just post what country you are and how you are like it.

I'll start: I'm France because I'm a romantic, carefree, I frequently makes sexual passes at people (in a joking way...mostly ;) hohonhohon

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Italy...because...PASTAAAAAA :D

Pasta is all you need :)

I want to be PRUSSIA


because. I am awesome and am totally followed by a swarm of small yellow gilbirds.

I love Iggy but unfortunately I am not as tsuntsun as him~


I want to be RUSSIA

cuz Russia's cool c: 

and I'm also Russian CX



Hmm.... I would probably be America. I am loud, obnoxious, and I enjoy being the hero! :P

haha xDDD



my friends have dubbed me Canada, which I think is fairly accurate...

but I tend to not be as invisible xD

I'm socially awkward and very easy to embarrass... and I wear lots of sweaters and have a giant (plush) polar bear!

not to mention I FREAKING LOVE PANCAKES. OMG THEY'RE DELISH. and I prefer hockey over American football (despite being American)
I've been dubbed italy in my group of friends, but im much more like... russia...
Just finished watching every episode and the movie(Now what?) and i really like Sve and Norway and his sibling Ice :P
My friends say I'm Lithuania. This is pretty accurate, except I'm not *as* much of a pushover, and I'm way better at being independent. I do love Poland, but he annoys the heck out of me. I think I'm more Hungary, but I guess it fits the way I act around them ^-^
Arrrrrrr, you scurvy naives. This be making sense to all you fellow piraters of America, because I am actually most closely related to the scurvy dog known as America. This be a good thing since I am American. AYE!!!??? (Pirate Day so I have to talk like this.)

My friends say I'm like Canada because my English teacher consistantly forgets my existence. The weird thing is that shes Canadian. And because I like pancakes. And free health care.


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