If you could live in any time period, where would you want to be and why?

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1869-1976, so from the Franco-Prussian War and just before that to after the Vietnam War. I also love Roman history.

German Unification wars are very interesting (Prussian uniforms are great^^), I guess its my favourite time period too, but only until World War 1 ends. 

i'd love to live in medevial times, but the disease would be pretty sucky to live with.


ancient greece maybe, there's plenty of entertainment........although most of that involves either sweaty nude men running around or slaves being actually murdered on stage.


i couldnt survive at a point when you had to be strong to survive, like the stone age....i'd probably get shot if i lived during any time of war...........


screw it, i love history, i think it'd be great to time-travel for a couple of days at most, but i'm happy with living in the 21st century, i don't wanna be cannon fodder or plague food.

I wouldn't want to live in any time period other than to day, wait for it, UNLESS IT WAS RULED BY THE MONGOLS!!!!!!

I would have loved to live during the Sixties. ^^ I liked that era pretty much. It was a time of revolutions [Social, Cultural, Feminism, Civil rights, Gay Rights etc]. To be a part of something and to stand for the truth...Defy Conservatism. It's pretty relevant even now but it began then... A sort of spark whose fire burns even now.  I would have liked to witness, Martin Luther's "I have a dream" speech, dance to the Beatles and wear Bell Bottoms [Currently Passe :P]

Fav time period: American Civil War to the height of the Cold War (military nut)

Time period I'd like to live in: Now (I lurves mah internet)

either 1930-1950
or classical Rome, shortly after the fall of the republic


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