My favorite song and scene were from Act 1 Part 7, where Robin and Batman have the super bromance moment where they go: "Life partners, buddies, bros, homies, amigos, pizza, nintendo, wooh, wooh, wooh, let's go!"

Did you guys have any favorite parts?

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I love the "Dynamic Duet" (the song you like) and "Rogues are We". I also love Sweet-tooth's candy puns.

Totally loved your favortie part! I was cracking up.  Everything Brian Holden did made me laugh and the "I want to be somebodies buddy" part was great.

I also loved "To Be a Man" and Brian Holden! I really think this is their best one yet!

Yeah, it was really great.  The quality has improved sooooo much from AVPM. You can actually hear them now!

I loved "To Be a Man" and I seriously died laughing when Joe and Brian pantsed each other. Also, I was amazed by the awesomeness of Jeff Blim as Sweet Tooth. He was just so excellent and I hope he appears in some of Starkid's future shows!

"To be a Man" SOOO FUNNY!! me and my friends were practically rolling on the floor laughing when Brian pantsed Joe:)

The dynamic duet and possibly super friends at the end were my favorite songs. Me and my friends have the handshake memorized :P

Superfriends was hilarious. I also really loved Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight.

Uh, Joe singing 'Somebody's buddy,' and 'To Be A Man.' :)

Dynamic Duet and Rogues are we 

I've been singing Dynamic Duo for so long. :)

Oh yeah Robin was one of my favorite parts of the show


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