My favorite song and scene were from Act 1 Part 7, where Robin and Batman have the super bromance moment where they go: "Life partners, buddies, bros, homies, amigos, pizza, nintendo, wooh, wooh, wooh, let's go!"

Did you guys have any favorite parts?

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I love Superfriends! ;) Sadly, my friend hasn't had the internet in so long and hasn't been able to see it.

Oh that sucks. You could take them off of youtube and give them to her/him on a USB. 

Yeah I know, I just haven't done it yet. :) I'm considering it though.

"To be a Man", with Joe and Brolden and their provocative dance moves.

Oh my DEAD WIZARD GOD when I saw that the first time I swear, I almost died.

I really liked the song Dark Sad Lonely Knight.

My favorite song is "Holy Musical B@tman," but my favorite scene is when all the comic book characters start dancing at the end.


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