I am unschooled, and I was wondering if there are any other unschooled nerdfighters. If you are out there, say something!!
And if you have any questions about unschooling, just ask, and I would be happy, no, thrilled to answer!

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I was unschooled, pretty much. We just lived a rather bohemian life and I did what I wanted, mostly.
We all read a lot and talked a lot, but did not do any "proper" schoolwork.

What is your life like?
well, here are a couple things that I do:

hanging out with friends of all ages, travel, art, library time,
calligraphy, henna, photography, foreign language, science fairs, international
fairs, prom, computers, creative writing, origami, books books and more books,
yoga, graphic arts, clubs, writing/editing/publishing, following your bliss, tie-dying, protesting, knitting, crocheting, singing, dancing, cooking, baking, biology, anatomy and physiology, mentoring, building community, environmental studies, politics, civics, biking, hiking, jewelry making, swimming, roller blading, drumming and chanting, painting and drawing, conferences, poetry, woodworking, electronics, inventing, playing,math, gardening, gymnastics, ancient history, mythology, weaving, self-expression, trusting the process, horseback riding, candlemaking, animal husbandry, flim making, cartooning, glass blowing, fashion design, architecture, archeology, spirituality, leadership, world studies, world cultures, map reading, drafting and design, sailing, rock climbing, landscaping, astronomy, astrology, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology, cosmetology,sewing, home economics, business management, entrepreneurialism, clowning, juggling, american and world history, blacksmithing, entomology, genealogy, songwriting, vocabulary, research, anthropology, psychology, linguistics, debate, public speaking, theology, animation, claymation, public office, textiles, carpentry, producing, directing, physics, etiquette,marine biology, robotics, playwriting, social activism, fundraising, nutrition, recordkeeping, accounting, organizing, puppetry, herbology, problem-solving, chemistry, hygiene, ufology, religion, wishing, dreaming, magic, Tai Chi, martial arts, money management, marketing, advertising, analyzing, geography, ecology, sociology.

my life is pretty radical in a lot of ways,not just unschooling!

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking about hahaha if you have any more specific questions, I would love to answer them as well! I have to answer a lot of questions about my life to a lot of different people, from professionals, to little kids, I am constantly explaining one aspect of my life or another, and I love it!! so if you've got any other questions, ask away!
that sounds great.

just a varied life really.
Hahah, yes,but if I said "unschooling is living a varied life" people would have said "varied in what way?" and then I would've ended up saying all that yes, it's just living a very varied life, following your passion, being trusted with your own future,and living the life you want to live!
I was pretty much unschooled all the way up until I was 14, then my mom enrolled me in a correspondence highschool up until 20. (I graduated late cause I was busy still doing unschoolerish stuff and never got around to my assignments.)
my twin and I are unschooled. Most of what we do has something to do with art, my mother has two master degrees in art and we know a bunch of art loving people. We Also go to a homeschool co-op once a week where the parents teach or bring in a teacher for the children. Its also nice because we are not made to do the class and we get sidetracked a lot like laughing when our knitting teacher get hushed by the drumer for being too loud :D I love it and happy so see there are more unschollers out there :)
Wow...I can't imagine what it must have been like to have been unschooled! So, after an unschooled person reaches the age where they might want to go to college/pursue a career, what do they do? I mean, do they just go to college like a public schooled or homeschooled person might? I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this concept...
I would be happy to answer all the questions you could possibly fathom to ask! So please, don't be shy!
If I wanted to, I could go to college just like the next person, but I would say that most people who were unschooled don't end up attending college, because we, as a generalization, and certainly not an "always," we tend to pursue more varied careers in more artistic subjects. Art, music, writing, personal business ownership etc. Although I do know several unschoolers who do attend college. I hope that answered your question, and if you have anymore questions I would love to answer them!
I second this Mae! I might have to study a bit in math so I could be at the same level as everyone else but the point is I could, but right now I don't want to go to college next year so I am not going... I might go to a local collage that has some art classes that would be nice to know. Like I really like making stained glass and I would like to try more then what I have done. So I just take that class, or because I don't cook and I would like to learn some baking I could go for just that but its a really big world with lots and lots of stuff to learn. I don't want to spend four years of my life in college when I don't really know what I would even want to be there for...
I completely agree with that! I would probably have to study a little bit in math to catch up, but it's not a big deal, because I know I could. I don't really feel the need to go to college when I don't even really know what I want to learn about, I don't need to just charge off to college for no reason at all. I don't need to waste my time getting a degree in something I know I don't really care about just to say that I've got a degree, and it's also extraordinarily expensive! You could put a down payment for a house for that much, and the whole point of your college career is supposed to be to be able to put a down payment on a good house, but in this economy it's unlikely that you will get the job that you want, the whole system just seems a little wonky to me.
Exactly people who just go to college so they can have a degree end up not using it or hating what they are doing and I really don't want to be doing that. Anyway there is not age limit on college so why do I have to go now why not wait and see what I love doing? Kids just go to college because everyone else does that is one thing I love about unschooling is I don't want to do thing just to fit it. My dad wants me to go to college though. He never really liked it when mom homescholled us but I love him and he will have to get use to me not going to college. I think he likes the idea more then anything which is sad. Our system Is very messed up I don't know how it got this way but it did. I find it wonderful that someone other then my sister and me really get this! You are awesome for that!
P.S. you are also awesome for using the word "wonky" I adore that word.
I completely agree with you! I also love the word wonky, by the way.
I know exactly what you mean about.... everything. It's definitely nice to find other people who understand unschooling, other than my sister and myself. I think my father would also like me to go to college. I don't think he will push me too much though. I know what you mean about not going to college yet because there's no age limit, you can go when you're 90, you can go when you are 13, so why go rushing off to college when you're 18 just because everyone else does?
Yesterday I made a music video to one of my favorite indie pop feminist punk songs,it's pretty cool! and it's possible because I'm unschooled.


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