Has anyone cosplayed or has been working on a cosplay of Homestuck?

I personally have John's Godtier hood, Eriden"s scarf, and Karkat's Horns.

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My friend has a Karkat and John Godtier cosplay. They're really cool :3

I made Sollux Horns

I have Terezi's Dragon Cape that I made.

I've cosplayed as Terezi and I'm working on a Vriska or Rose cosplay.

I cosplayed as Nepeta at NYCC. Though, now, the hat that I had to sew by hand because our sewing machine broke is falling apart...

I'm working on a Rose Godtier costume. So far, I've finished the hood. (I'm new and btw, I think it is completely ridiculous how there are only 17 homestuck fans on here :(  )

I cosplayed Vriska at Fanime last year as well as at Deceptikon and Kintokicon.

If anyone wants tips on how to do the grey, make the horns, or anything else, let me know!  I went with a very tall Sollux (He was the one that was being reblogged on Tumblr as the creeper in the window) the Karkat with the movable red clawsickle, a Kanaya, and a Terezi.  

What a crazy random happenstance. You posted a pic of you cosplaying Vriska right before I changed my picture to a picture of Vriska, and I didn't even see this. 

Great Vriska lovers think alike?  :P

By the way, love the costume :)

I just recently started work on a WV cosplay. I'm aging some old fabric in coffee and I managed to get myself some black wire cables from a scrap-shop for my mayoral sash.

You know what would be fun? If all the cosplayers of the group make a collaborative MEP of sorts. Each of us would send in a clip, and someone would put them into a video. Mabye dancing? I'm not sure.


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