Personally, I LOVED it. Lin Manuel-MIranda is a GREAT singer and dancer (he plays house's roommate, and he was the lead in the musical In The Heights, which is so kickass). I loved that House really changed, and he changed others along with him, without cheating. I was sad not to see Wilson at the end, but I like how it shows that House isn't dependent on him anymore, he doesn't NEED him, but he WANTS to be his friend. I think it's a good shift in their relationship. I also liked how his shirt changed from white to a smiley, nice touch!
The episode made me really happy, and I'm really proud and excited about how this season started (although it seemed like more of an ending than a beginning to a season. Its a new chapter in his life, though.)
The next episode looks AMAZING. I can't wait to have Chase and Cameron back!! They're my favorite! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did, feel free to leave comments and opinions below! :D

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I LOVED IT! I have been a House fan for a long time, and I thought that the new season will be great. I know what you mean about it seeming like an end instead of a beginning, but I bet the rest will be great!!!!
I TOTALLY agree. I CANNOT WAIT for monday!! ahhh i get more and more excited!! ahah
I absolutely loved it!! But I didn't think he'd leave only after one episode. But of course he had to go back to work haha. It was great I really liked it.
I know! i kinda wish he wouldve stayed--b/c i love Lin--but then again, i really wanted him to leave too..
After the second episode (which was cool) does everyone else hate foreman as much as I do? I mean, i never liked him as much as Chase/Cameron/13/Taub, but i hate him sooo omuch now. god what a jerk. that episdoe was SO funny too: lol "the color you really need to look out for it blue!" hahah it was great. i lvoed all the computer animation too for the video game, and i loved how taub and 13 played it :D what bothered me also, was that the patients voice didnt match his body, it was really deep and he was so small...


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