Which death do you consider the saddest? Kutner or Amber?

Personally, the two part season finale of season four was unbelievably sad. I mean, so was Kutner's death, but I felt that the episode "Wilson's Heart" was really depressing and much more strung out, with the faint hope that House and his team might pull it off always there until the very end. With Kutner's death, it was rather quick, and you didn't really see much, but still, he's still on everyone's mind. What do you think?

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Kutner. No contest. Kutner was adorable and perky and potentially a nerdfighter. Amber was... Amber. The only reason that I thought that Amber's death was sad at all was because of how it affected Wilson. Kutner's death was just downright depressing.
I'm saying Amber. Her death was so epic, and i mean that in the literal sense of the word. Also, my friend spoiled me on Kutner's death; I was watching it on TiVo, so I had started later than it aired, and she had called me when he died and I was like "WHAT?!!??" So I wasn't blindsided by his death.
My friend, whose seen 3 House episodes (just random ones that were reruns) just saw the second part of the finale, where Amber dies, and she told me today "I've only seen the show three times, but I cried SO HARD when this episode ended! And she had like no idea what was going on since she hadn't seen the first part of the episode.
I'm really scared though, because now I think that House will try to kill himself or go into cutting or some other emo thing...You know, as a way to silence The Bitch. She really is one, after what she did to Chase!!
I never really liked Kutner. I mean, he was a good character, but he never grew on me.

I'll have to say Amber. I agree with Faith the Fanpire, her death was epic. That was the first House episode I saw. I started to cry and I didn't even know the characters! Even though she was a bitch, Wilson loved her with all of his heart. And Wilson is an innocent character, I feel like the world is beating down on him.
Well...I would have to say Kutner. I didn't really like Amber, I mean really, she wasn't a character that you would see sorry to leave...and in that episode I felt more compassion for Wilson than I did for Amber. I hated the end of that episode too, when House is imagining Amber with him on the bus. I almost felt a sadness when she died, but when they made her seem like her Know-It-All self again, I was glad she was gone for good. Argh, that sounds so terrible!
Yeah, I loved Kutner, and his death was incredibly abrupt, but I think that with Ambers death, it went into greater detail, I mean, with House figuring out slowly what happened on the bus, and her dying with Wilson right there. Ugh. I don't know. Kutner was really great to have around though, I miss him on the show.
I liked Kutner... but idk.
I cried like a lunatic when Amber died, despite how much I didn't enjoy her. But I adore Wilson, so the way Amber's death affected him made her death a lot more tragic for me. Kutner was cool, yes, and definitely a potential nerdfighter, but his was just so sudden. Like "wait what just happened there?"
With Amber you had a lot more time to let it sink in.
I think Amber's one. It was amazingly sad and the intensity of the two-part season finale was truly amazing. With Kutner it was like 'wtf did he kill himself??' and all you saw was blood and part of his body, while you saw the bus hit and Amber flailing on the bus, then later slowly dying.
I cried like a little baby while watching "Wilson's Heart" episode. I kind of missed out on Kutner's death >>;

Maybe I should go watch that now.
there are many sad deaths. to this i think that the saddest death is where they thought the one patient's imune system was attacking the patients body, so they put her in a radiation chamber and fried the imune system, but it turned out that it was just an easy (or should have been easy) virus. and because they destroyed the patients imune system, the virus killed her. and when that happend one of the doctor ( i cant remember the name), stayed by her side till her pulse flat lined. this is just one of the few sad deaths i find in HOUSE
Amber's. There was so much build up to her death and it just tore me up. With Kutner's death there was no build up and it just kind of... Happened. Plus, the reactions that the other characters had to Amber's death was much more upsetting than the reactions to Kutner's. Both were very sad, but Amber's was just devestating.
I cried for Wilson, not Amber, but Kutner's death was too abrupt for me. I kind of knew that he died before hand, but that still didn't stop me from crying at his funeral. Actually, I started crying at the exact same moment that Taub did. So, I guess it's a tie for me. I think Amber's death was more effective story wise, but Kutner was an actual loss.

I will say this, his suicide just seemed like something thrown in and not planned at all. That's what suicide is I guess, but you'd think there would be a few hints and there weren't any. It was clear that he was killed off because he was leaving the show, not because his death would advance the plot.


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