Hard work. Loyalty. Tolerance. Fair play. Where are these values in the world today?! In a world where the ends justify the means, friendships are stepped on for people to use others, opinions aren't respected, and everything is expected to just be handed over- there is a desperate need for more Hufflepuffs, wouldn't you agree?

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I concur! I think there are less Hufflepuffs because people can't see how awesome we really are--they are dazzled by the qualities found in other houses (bravery, brains, etc) and ignore the wonderful qualities found in Hufflepuffs.
I do agree that there is a need for more Hufflepuffs in the world. But Hufflepuffs are awesome, and the world has a tendency to overlook and criticize that which is awesome.
This made me think of that one part of Harry Potter: The Musical where everyone is trying to figure out what a Hufflepuff is... That was really funny...
I think most people are all a little bit Hufflepuff :)
There aren't as many hufflepuffs in the world because no one sees how understanding, loyal, and welcoming we are. Everyone just doesn't see us because in the books we are kind of in the background.
Because the world couldn't handle that much awesome!
I think there are a lot more Hufflepuffs than people who will admit to being Hufflepuffs, because they're too preoccupied with the other houses and think it's not cool to be a Hufflepuff. They are wrong, of course.
clearly the rest of the world can't be as awesome as we are.
it's because everyone whats to hang with harry.and i think that rowlings decription of us does us an unjustice.

she makes hufflepuff seem like the dump house (like dump school the one nobody choices but their not good enough to get anywhere else) but huffle is faboulous is only someone gave them the chance
We surely need more Hufflepuffs! But we also need to be different in personality :p
we need bad guys too, right ?
I went into a forum somewhere else on the web, where everyone was having a discussion about which house they were in. The second I mentioned I was a Hufflepuff everyone started laughing... But without the Hufflepuffs of the world there would be a lot less loyalty and a heck of a lot less awesome. Three cheers for Hufflepuff :D

We are a rare species. But being lucky enough to get to know one of us is worth the wait.


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