Hey everyone!

First of all, Happy Hunger Games!

I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

I've decided to write an article about the global impact of the Hunger Games, and need some opinions from people outside of North America.

If you guys could give me your opinion on the books, characters, story, movie, or whatever you want, that'd be great!

But there's a bit of a snag that I know will make some of you reluctant to help me.

My professor wants us to provide contact information for all our sources, so I'm going to need a first name (to quote you in my article), an age and where you're from (to show the diversity of the people in the fandom) and an email address, so if my professor decides to contact you, she'll know I didn't make up the whole thing.

I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me out.

Thank you for your time, and may the odds be ever in your favour!



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Well... I just saw that you specified people outside of North America... Have my opinions anyways :D

*Spoiler Alerts*

The books are pretty awesome (excluding the last half of Mocking Jay).

There are so many symbols and themes - it just makes me want to write a paper (English nerd here!). I will not bore you with that.

Katniss, I did not like much as a character; however, I did understand why she acted the way that she did.

Peeta is a beautiful person, but does not deserve Katniss. He should have someone that reciprocates his love, not one that tolerates it and eventually gives in. I'm not sure if her love could ever match his. It's like Amy and Rory from Doctor Who a little but (Doctor nerd as well...).

I liked Gales character up until the last book. He seemed fairly likable (more so than Katniss, anyway). In Mocking Jay, he becomes a war-hungry monster and it is absolutely heartbreaking, but I see the purpose.

Cina is just fantastic. He is one of the ones that gives you hope that there might be some humanity and humility left in the capitol. He seems far less vain and gluttonous than most capitol citizens and is SO much more dynamic.  

President Snow is so incredibly evil (which is good, since he is the villain). I think I might have actually felt more bitterness towards him than towards Voldemort or Umbridge in the Harry Potter series (Which is saying something. HP nerd too :D)

I know there is more to say... I just can't think of it right now. All of these are very brief and that is because I haven't read them in a year or so... but it's what I have. :)

Rebekah. 19. TN.


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