Is there anybody interested in starting a Hunger Games roleplay with me? I would prefer to make it in a group on facebook so that it is easily accessible on the go. Anybody in?

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yes, I'd love to! and I think facebook would be better indeed.

YES. Great idea. Facebook would be better.

Random fact that will definitely never save your life: Did you know that I'm watching/listening to the hunger games advert right now?


Awesome! We can start some brainstorming ideas with us 3, and if anybody else wants to join we can just add them in. Sound good??? And I think the sooner we all become linked on fb the better, so that we can communicate easier.

ok, sounds good, ok, first question:
would be rather have a group, a page or both?

a group could be good, because then they receive notifications when we post stuff,  and we can keep it closed if they need admin approval to joing

a page could be good, because then general information is available to new fans/members, guests can ask questions on the wall and with the new timeline, we can make it look pretty, and put important things on top

in my opinion, it's the best to have both, a page to introduce people, and have general information on, and where people can ask and answer questions, and a group for discussions etc. with members of the roleplay

second question, how are we going to name it, and what will be the shortname?

just an idea: Let The Roleplay Begin (LTRB) ?
please let me know if you have any ideas 

That sounds awesome! Just for the record, I cannot name things to save my life. Literally.

Max all of your ideas are fantastic!! And That name is pretty awesome, we would just née to make sure our logo was hunger games related. I can go ahead and make a group on fb for us to start naming and playing around with. :) And Muriel, I totally understand! Lol
PS sorry abou all the time delays between replies we are all just in different time zones I think lol.

if you start on a group, i'll start on a page, and then we'll just post the links here as soon as they're done, and add each other as admins, ok?

I think so too, where are you? i'm in gmt+1 (the Netherlands)

Ok sounds good to me, I will work on the group during my last period today(I'm at school right now), And I will post it here! :)

PS I'm at GMT+/-6 (Which is Texas in the United States) It's currently 7:18 a.m. here.

GMT +1, here, same as Max. To be honest, I think I could probably drive over to the netherlands. Creeeeeepyyyyyy.

The name sounds awesome. If either of you would like any help with anything, just say.

Muriel, I'm working on the facebook group right at this moment and as soon as I'm pretty good with it I'll post a link so you can join and I'll make you and admin too! :)

Update: Just visit this link and it'll take you to our shiny new fb group.!/groups/28...

Also, question, when is it going to be set? If its one of the normal Hunger games (eg, 31st) then it won't really matter. If it's one of the Quarter quells, then that might make things a little more confusing.

My facebook name is Muriel D kennedy. And ohmigosh it looks amazing. I applaud you. Loudly.


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