i have. tell me what u guys think about it. :)

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Going tonight

do let me know what u think of it yeah! :)

Was supposed to go tonight but my boyfriend has his friend's birthday :( so next week!

The movie was awesome

I went to the midnight premier! They did a really fantastic job staying true to the book but I didn't really enjoy it much. I thought it was kind of boring, probably because it was so true to the novel so you knew exactly what was going to happen next. That being said, I really liked Seneca Crane, especially his final scene.

I went at 12:30 and dang it was awesome

awesome? really? good for u i guess.

they showed less of the arena part, which i think sucks.i was expecting more of the arena scenes. sigh, n madge wasnt there there! aahahhh loved cinnna and cato tho. 

P/s : snow didnt creep me out like in d books. n i didnt cry when rue die, sigh

i didnt cry, thats when i know something wrong. 

Like the book, the first part was long and boring, but interesting. The second half, however, was pretty awesome. Well, special effects wise. I cried a couple of times, and I think that if you like the hunger games a lot, see it.

watched it already. i was quite disappointed with it actually. i was hoping for more interesting scenes in the arena. sigh

There were two main things that bothered me in the film, first of all that they cut out Madge! That really annoyed me. But the main part was with the beasts at the end, although they effects were good, they did not get the same fear from me as in the books, and in this they were just beast, where as in the book, they were like the old tribute. But all in all, a very good film!


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