i have. tell me what u guys think about it. :)

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I didn't care about Madge, but I wish they had put in the avox girl.

true that! when greasy sae gave the pin to katniss, i was like 'WHAT!!' lol.

Yeah I agree. I was kind of upset when they changed the beginning with THE MOCKINGJAY PIN!  I was thinking "They are screwing themselves for the next movies".  But whatever, it's something we have to live with =P

I saw the film and thought it was good, but I felt that they left too much of the book out I think parts of it would have been hard to understand if I hadn't read the book.

Maybe but I went with a friend who hadn't read the book and he followed it well

I saw the movie and absolutly loved it, but I didn't like the cornicopia. It didn't look like what I thought it should of... I did like how they handled the bread scenes, although I wish they had just splurged and hired younger actors...

I agree with you about the cornucopia looking weird but I gave up on movies looking like I thought the books did a long time ago

I imagined it painted gold, that was the only thing they screwed up in their depiction, also slighly rounder, but that's cutting corners (sorry).

Same here! I really liked how they added more to Senaca Cray's character.

I liked it, but I just loved the books so much, it was no way near as good as I hoped it would be. I just loved Seneca Crane though, especially at the end.

I came into the movie knowing very little about the books because I had not read any of the books before I saw the movie (Although I was planning on reading them if the movie piqued me in anyway and it did so I've read them now) Anyway I followed the movie with almost know prior knowledge of the books except what I had heard on tv about the movie basically and even that was limited. So I can tell you for certain that I picked up almost every detail in the movie that most fans thought were too 'subtle' to be picked up by non-readers. Like Katniss conflicted feelings about Peeta, and then how she cared about him but played along with the love plot for the viewers, and how Haymitch drank so much because of his time as tribute and as a mentor who watched so many of his tributes sent to their death. The only thing I think should have clearer would be that Katniss was actually about to starve along with her mother and Prim, and that is why the memory of what Peeta did meant so much to Katniss.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, I thought the added scenes with the gamemakers and President Snow/Serena were very good and insightful and a good way of taking a 1st person pov novel and turning into it a movie with the needed information being given.

I did wish we could have seen through Katniss memory and had her tell some stories about Gale like the one where her and Gale get Prim's goat Lady. So that he had more of a presence in the movie, like he did in her thoughts in the book.  I also wish we could have seen Rue and Katniss talk about their districts.

I saw it at midnight on March 23. I loved it :) There were some scenes and characters that they left out, but i understand because they need to cut it down into a reasonable movie length (although i still would have gone to see it if it were 4 hours long!)


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