is smoking weed the same as smoking regular cigs?
jw folks...

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It's worse on the lungs by a little bit. It definitely constitutes "smoking". Eating weed doesn't constitute smoking though. I've never done either, however, because I'm straight edge.
well i was jw, cuz i do not wannt smoke at ALL but my 17th bday just passed and ive always just wanted to TRY weed...
and yes, im blunt about this.
thats because folks, im a very opened minded person
Don't you dare do drugs

If you do, I will hunt you down and eat what's left of your soul.
I am all for people who want to try new things, if you want to try weed go ahead. I would recommend something less hazardous to ones health like scuba diving that sounds like lots of fun. In the end it is your decision.

Even bad decisions can have good outcomes.

It's still a little dangerous. However, cigarettes have a 324348239048 times as many terrible things in it than the natural drug does. Go for it, just remember to do your research on the long term effects.
They're not the same thing as they aren't the same substance.  Though, if you want to get literal up in here just identify the verb.  "Smoking."  Smoking meth means you smoke meth.  Therefor, you smoke something and should not be in this group.  Although, the icon for it can be misleading since it's a cigarette.  Maybe someone should change that?  Or the title altogether.  I don't know... :/


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