Well since I'm alone in this group so far, I'll start the discussion and hope a few others choose to join me :)

One of the best quotes from Old Gregg: "I got all things that are good. This. This is good. You can have it."

Oh man.

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Hmm. Well there aren't very many to choose from.
"Not you, nonbread!"
"Have you ever drunk Baileys from a shoe?"
"I like you. Whadaya think of me?"
"I got somethin' to show ya!"
the classic:
"I'm Old Gregg!"
And pretty much every single other thing that's said.
there aren't very many to choose from?!??! there is a HUGE number of quotes to choose from!
"maybe i will deal with it. Maybe ill deal with the way i dealt with CURLY JEFFERSON!!"
wanna go to a club where people wee on old greg
or "i like you whadya think of me...i dont rightly know sir....make an assement."
"well... i think you're a nice, modern gentleman..."
"DON'T LIE TO ME BOY! I know what you're thinkin'. You're thinkin', 'here comes Old Gregg... he's a scaly manfish...' You don't know me. You don't know what I got. I got somethin' to show ya."
hahhahahahah! thats an awesome one
ooh gregg.
i love him.
indeed. he is a bizarrely lovable scaly manfish.
"easy now, fuzzy little man peach."
Do you wanna come to a club where people wee on each other.
"that one's baileys...and that one's bailey's a bit bigger...and that one's as close as you can get to baileys without your eyes getting wet."
"You love me, and you've seen me, and you know me!"


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