Okay, I go through my ipod once or twice a month and totally revamp my music. I erase about 90% of my non-favorite stuff to make room for more songs. Every time I tell my friends this, they cheer and ask to see the new songs (first sign is the level of cheering). Then, they burst into giggles as they read the names. They totally crack up until they reach music they've heard of (cough Fray and the Beatles cough). Then, they hand me back the ipod and make some "funny" comments. I don't really care, because I HATE their music, but it's kinda annoying. Do YOUR friends do that too? (just curious)

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Yeah, my friends also have mostly the same taste as me. So if they don't like something that I have they can't really laugh... they just say they didn't like it.

But if you think the music that your friends listen to is crap (and the only bands they agree with you on are The Fray (<3) and the Beatles), then there isn't really any reason to care. You'll just be well ahead of them, music-wise, and much cooler. :)
My friends like to pretend they listen to "indie music." ie Bon Ivar. I had another friend (who is an avid redneck, mullet and all. If it's not Metallica, it doesn't count kind of guy) say "listen to this music, it's indie" and it ended up being very very techno pop!!! What is wrong with these people?
Ha! I know people that are all "OMG I'm such an indie kid, and I heard you like indie stuff, we should hang" then they play Bon Ivar or Cat Power and expect me to be all impressed.
Haha, I do exactly the same thing, except I never show my MP3 player to anyone at school, because they all have terrible taste in music. My friends, too. They either like country, generic top 100 radio stuff, or screamo/emo/punk/whatever the heck you call all that All Time Low, PATD, Paramore, etc. crap.
Seriously, every time they talk about music, I have to walk away. And they talk about it all the time. >__< It's not like I'm always pushing my music in their faces/trying to talk about it, because I know they have no clue what I'm talking about. And I feel so bad for them because they try to emulate the bands/the aesthetic that goes along with their musical taste - fluffy scene hair, neon skinny jeans, converse, band t-shirts, skull hair ties/bracelets/earrings (KILL ME), etc. But I don't blame them. They're only teenagers. I'm sure they'll look back in 10 years and say, "I was so stupid and I had such bad taste!" And then they'll remember how I just did whatever, wore whatever, and liked whatever I wanted, and be jealous. >8D
Don't give up on everyone, turns out a girl I had completely discounted because whilst I was friends with her she hung out with top 100ers listened to indie music. I found this out more than a year after high school when I asked her if she realised she had a radiohead icon on msn.

As far as friends go I have a techno best friend, a hardcore best friend and an indie/weird electronic best friend. Still they don't listen to top 100 so there's no hating.
HEY! I wear neon skinny jeans sometimes! And converse! and band t-shirts, occasionally. But this is mainly due to my desire to look back at myself in 20 years and sigh. That is the legitimate the reason I bought some of my clothing. Motive is everything.
I had a friend who would pick on me: "who is this, the cheesedoodles?" (Cheesedoodle cut a little deeper, it was the slang he used for idiots)

A few years later he moved to Boston and made some art friends. Guess who's musical taste has expanded?
Yes... well there are exactly three people at my school that have the same musical taste as I do. One is my friend (YAY! I converted her!) THe other I don't talk to for some reson, and the other only know about indie stuff because her bf is a total hipster, and I pretty much have a mutual hatred with her....
Most of my friends either listen to a radio station hosted by Ryan freaking Seacrest or thagt emo/screamo/whatever that is that makes my ears bleed whilst crying and whose fans take forever to do thier hair.
i feel i need to say something, please don't see this as a poke haha. but this discussion is based on you thinking its wrong that your friends find your mucistaste somewhat "funny" & not the music that is preferable for you to listen to. well hm. they are jerks for thinking that & if you feel bad about them joking about it, tell them off!

but, everyone who comments here about their music (their= friends or pretty much anyone at your highschool)(so called "hipsters" or whatever) also sucking etc. whaat? just cause they listen to more popular songs than you doesn't mean their taste suck! if you think their music suck than i think they have the right to think your musictaste suck as well, no? if they only listen to music connected with a certain scene, even if you believe they dont really like the music in question at all - let them! its their music! its nothing wrong, its not like they dont understand "music the way you do" cause you listen to more obscure bands.

sorry for coming out somewhat an asshole here but.. yeah. im gonna quote something the singer in MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (i dont listen to that band, not my style, but doesnt mean i think the people who do are jerks or less musical intellectual) said:

"If for one minute you think you’re better than a sixteen year old girl in a Greenday t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favourite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about."
— Gerard Way

so generally music have the same effect on anyone, no matter if you listen to indierock, taylor swift or all time low. and thats whats important. and if people make fun of your musictaste its alright, you still got your music as your best friend.

and @Charlotte Haworth, yay for finding songs you like together with your friends (:
Yes, I did realize the hypocrisy. That's why I don't say anything about Lady Gaga's exceptional lyrical skill to my friends. :D
i shall take this time to say: i dont hate people because of what music they listen to, unless their music sucks.

but, joke aside, i agree with you. completely. i listen to what i consider indie rock, but i would appreciate more indie artists, but i really have trouble finding bands i can actually get their music without illegally downloading it. suggestions?!
Most of my friends only listen to whatever is on the radio and popular. I listen to that too but I prefer Indie music to the stuff on the radio. So when they go through my iPod and they don't recognize half of the artists, yeah I get teased a lot. Especially when they find my wizard rock :) It's annoying but I've gotten used to it.


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