I know this might sound stupid, but I know there are a lot of different types.

I'm the kind that is very quiet in large crowds. I don't really like tons of random people unless we're all there for one purpose (like a nice band performance perhaps, or a Nerdfighter convention).

I'm actually more reflective. I think about what's happening and just watch everyone (I keep an actor's journal, and random people make for amazing entries). If you walk up to me and are actually talking about something awesome, like music or books, I will happily do my best to talk to you...but I tend to create awkward silences. I'm not good at keeping conversations moving.

I prefer face to face talk with people I'm close to because it's much easier to understand motives and just have a better time, but I seem a lot more outgoing when writing on online.

I have quiet sides and louder sides.

I'm more into music. That's where I'll be the most outgoing...while playing or listening to something inspiring...or reading a good book and having someone to seriously discuss it (on a deep level)...or deciphering lyrics with someone.

So...I don't know what else to write, but I'd be happy to learn more about you guys. That's it.

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You know when I'm giving a speech I pretend to be a confident character from a book or movie and just pretend I'm acting until I feel more comfortable. I totally get what you mean about its okay when you're pretending to be someone else. I liked that about drama (the few times I got to do it).

Meeting new people isn't my favorite thing to do, as I'm not really a conversation starter. I'm often more occupied within my own thoughts and reflections than with verbal conversations, because of my daydreamy nature and the fact that I rarely start conversation (however, I will talk to someone if they start talking to me). I'm quite shy in social situations and with people that I'm not good friends with. Social situations make me nervious (shyness+anxiety) and I often feel drained afterwards. I rarely like being the center of attention, and a reaction I have to such is excessive and easily-triggered blushing. Really, I'd rather be at home drawing or reading a book than going to a party...


I understand that. When people talk to me, I feel really bad when I can't think of anything to say to contribute to the conversation after whatever he or she said has passed. But I just can't do it. I start thinking about something else and when I look back, he or she is most likely gone.

Ugh, I am the worst at keeping small conversation. I feel awful, because they want to talk to me, and I just have nothing to say that will keep them interested. I don't feel badly when someone just starts small talk because its quiet and I kill the conversation. I like the quiet, thank you very much...

I'm exactly the same way.  I often find that conversations leave me feeling kind of empty...

I'm really shy and quite terrified in huge crowds or with people I don't know (unless, like Alaska said, for a purpose, like a nerdfighter gathering.) I usually wait for friends to come to me. Once I open up, sometimes I won't shut up. But for the most part I'm really quiet. That's why I spend a lot of time online, I tend to just be more confident online. I'm really terrible at small talk, which is common for introverts; I tend to like to have long and deep conversations.

Small talk will be the death of me.

im the kind of introvert who is very very shy around new people in a casual but not in a work way im ones im friends with someone its all cool but to start with im harshly shy im really nevouse around new people for that very reason im scared to go to uni because i wont no anyone there. also im jake :D DFTBA

I haven't quite figured out why this is, but I love watching people, but not so much talking to them or getting to know them. The other thing is, if I see someone who's upset or crying, whether I know them or not, I have to completely restrain myself from comforting them, and half of the time I start crying, even though I don't know why they're sad. If someone's angry I want to go calm them down. If someone's excited about something, I get excited for them. I don't know why.... But I really don't talk to many people. I have a couple close friends, but I'd rather just sit by myself and read a book than be involved in a big group or crowd. If our teacher tells us to find a partner to do an assignment with, I sneak away and sit alone. It isn't that I don't like people, I find people really interesting, I just prefer my own company.

I completely get that. Since I keep an actor's journal, I observe people a lot. It's just so amazing what things you'd hear in the halls...just random snippets of conversation that people have when you pay attention. And I love the differences in humans, the way they talk, how they move, what they say. I just can't put myself in the middle of that. I have to step to the side and watch it pass or risk extreme sensory overload. And I hate being paired in groups (mainly because of talkative, lazy students who make me do all the work). But if it's a smart student who'll actually help, I won't mind as long as we don't talk much. But sometimes, I just prefer to do it alone. So much time can be saved in not having to share ideas and agree upon one.

I understand this, and can relate a lot to the whole comforting/crying/anger/excitement thing. I'm also extremely sensitive to the moods of others and sometimes it seems like their moods just rub right off on me. I think it must be an empathy thing. I can also relate to wanting to calm people who are angry. For some reason I find conflict and especially anger extremely upsetting, and I always do my best to soothe/mediate those situations. I recommend you take the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator, because it sounds like you could be an INFJ or an INFP, or possibly an ISFJ or ISFP. The F stands for Feeling, hence all the empathy. I hate putting people in boxes, but figuring out my type really helped me to understand myself on a whole new level, and helped me realize (much like Nerdfighteria has) that maybe I'm not alone.

After seeing so many people say they don't like small talk, I feel like this is bit of an uncommon opinion, but.. I don't actually mind it all that much. I'm not very good at it, admittedly, but.. I don't hate it! It just gets awkward sometimes because I'll run out of things to say, not because I don't want to talk to the person, but just because I'm out of ideas.


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