Which one are you? Or maybe you are the rare Northern Iowa fan...or maybe you don't care...


Personally, I was born a Cyclone, I am a Cyclone, and I forever shall be a Cyclone. I wear the colors proud! lol Its my entire bedroom. I live in 'Hawkeye territory' by Cedar Rapids, so I defend my team! It sometimes more fun to be the odd one. :P

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....that's all i got to say about that
uh huh..... but you know, its fun to disagree sometimes. Be boring if everyone was the same...humans live to argue!...and breathe and eat and all that but thats not important! lol
UNI Anyone? Seriously, don't forget us.
Go HAWKS!! I was raised a hawkeye and now i go to U of yeah im a hawkeye! lol
Haha I'm actually the exact opposite of you, I was born and raised a hawkeye fan, but I got to school in Ankeny and my boyfriend goes to ISU. I actually went up there for the Iowa/Iowa State game. Oh, sweet victory...
GO CYCLONES!!!!!!! I bleed Cardinal and Gold!!!!

CYCLONES but mostly just to piss off my brothers, who are HUGE Hawkeye fans. Honestly, I don't even care because I don't like football. :P


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