The meet up is the 31st of March at 1 pm. Location is Stephens Green... Maybe I will get one of those tour guide flags and put DFTBA on it :D

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I haven't been able to go to ANY of the others, so I don't know anyone except you and one or two others from the chat. :D It'll be awesome. :)

I'm estimating about 23 people coming. That number may be lower (or higher) than the actual number that will come

Alex, it'l be my first one too! :D

Just a little bump so new members can see this "discussion" :)

I assume that there's a reason that you can't?

Ah well you could always come late (depends on how long rehearsal is and where you have to come from though)

Ah..yeah might not be worth coming in then. Shame :(

Maybe next time?

Well we did it, and it was tons of fun! We ended up having over 40 people show up to make the gathering memorable :)

Here is a quick video on my thoughts of the gathering. I believe there will be another video or two floating around soon, so feel free to post those here as well!


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