I know a few people are already organising various meetups over the next few months and that's awesome, but I was wondering if there would be any interest in something more like a Book Club on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in Dublin. Just a vague idea so let me know if anyone else thinks its any good.

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Sweet! Well, what would work for you? How often? What day and time?

Depends on how often. Trinity dictates most of my time (and I do English and History, so it's a LOT of reading), but on top of that I have two jobs so I have little time for pleasure reading. :(

Depends on numbers, too. I could easily say it's weekly or bi-weekly but that doesn't mean everyone has to turn up every week. Some people might come just once a month or once every few months or something. I've got a reading list for the entire year for a personal project so we could use that or mane another and so as long as you knew when you'd be there next you could pick one of the books for that week/month and read it in your own time.

Really good idea, I'd go.

Ok, so what if we said bi-weekly-ish, in Starbucks or Costa or something like that, and have it on alternating days Saturday/Tuesday or something? I'm not sure everyone is free on Saturdays so this way people who could make a mid-week one could go once every three weeks on Tuesdays, kinda thing... So for example, February 28, March 10, 20 and 31st would be the next four dates. Its a bit less than two weeks between each date for those who want to go every time. 

Or should it just be every second Saturday?

Or every second Saturday AND every second Tuesday? If that's the case then it'd be just a couple of days between Saturday-Tuesday every second week, though. 

Well seeing as you'd be looking at small numbers you could probably try to library bar (they have the Nanowromo meetups there apparently). Costa is good, but at peak times it can be busy.

Personally I won't be able to make it this year (fucking leaving cert) but maybe over the summer or next year if it's still running

This sounds like a really fun way to meet people and discover awesome books! I'd only be able to do weekends unfortunately :) But a really great idea! 

OK guys, anyone who is remotely interested please join this group? 

Hai! I requested to join the facebook group if this is still going ahead? :] 
I've never been in s bookclub before, and it sounds really fun :)
great idea! x 

It is, with any luck! I've accepted all requests now so you'll have to let me know if one of them wasn't you. :)

Hey, I know there's been a long ago since anyone posted anything here, The book club is till going on? Because I´ll love to be part of it :D


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