I know, its hard to choose just one but which is your favorite book to smell?
Is it because its old? new? special binding? you've owned it for a long time? you spilled something on it? or is it the amazing content of the book in aroma form?

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I posted this on the front page, but whatever, my favorite has got to be my old edition of Black Beauty. It smells like a mix of old glue, my favorite book store, and a hint of leather, mmmmm!
i like smelling any new book. it's just satisfying for some reason
Me too. The first thing I do before I read a new acquisition (be it brand new or used) is take a big whiff of the title page. I don't know why, it just feels good.
My favorite book to smell is The Woman Who Rides Like A Man (in your pants)(holy crap that worked SO FREAKING WELL) by Tamora Pierce.

I love it because it smells like my favorite used bookstore (the Opera House AKA Used Books, Records, and CDs in Denton, Tx.) and because it smells like my sandalwood incense. It's paperback, and the front cover, and bottom half of the spine cover is missing. I've had it since I was 11 I think, and anytime I want to feel happy I sniff it. <3
O.O That is officially my new favorite book title.

That has literally been my favorite series since I was eleven.  I am so glad i am not the only one who favors it's aroma. =)


and yes, the "in your pants" worked incredibly well there, props.

Any new manga. The Ink-papaer ratio is just PERFECT
New books smell the best 'cause then they don't smell like your house, with all the germs and pets and candles and all that other stuff. And they don't smell like the people you lend them either.(not that they smell bad, it's just not the same.)
One book i have, it SUCKS. it makes no sense. but I'm keeping it just for the smell. it's kept the new book smell for about 5 months.
I had a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Omnibus that I really liked to smell until the scent faded and Sold it to buy more books.
I don't know, let me go smell my books. Edgar Allan Poe smells pretty good.
now the question remains, does a Poe Bust smell good?
Everyones gonna hate me for saying this but...
Twilight =)
The Thorn Birds! A very old edition which I think belonged to my grandfather 0.o Luckily the story was so awesome it kept the sniffing at bay :)


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