Who else would get behind a product like this or know if it already exists?  Forget Axe and Old Spice!  Library: The Scent

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IMHO People should smell like people and book should smell like books. I think that a book-smell mixing with a man-smell would turn me off.
Agreed. I like the smell of old books, but I'd rather have a man smell like a man! :)
Lol that would be hilarious! I don't know how good it would smell though but anythings possible.
Oh my gosh, I was just talking to some friends in my history class about this today!  I'd buy it just to have it.  I could spray it in my room. XD 

OMG!!! My friends and i have been thinking about this FOREVER!! BUt, Seriously, wouldn't it be so awesome to have an Old Book Smell spray for kindles??!! I recently got a kindle and the only problem that I have with it is that I can't shove my face into it and just inhale DEEPLY. LIke, earlier today, My friend was like, "Doesn't this book smell Amazing?", And I was all Like, "OH YA IT DOES!!" and then i was like, "mmm... 1950's book smell.... one of my favorite's!" Seriously, I didn't even look at the book to know it was a 1950's book. It's got it's own smell.

PS. Go pick up an Edgar Allen Poe book RIGHT NOW. not a new version, but an old copy, and SHOVE YOUR FREAKING FACE IN THERE!!! It smells soo... yummy.

This would be amazing! =D I would totally buy it!

This is actually a thing. I heard about it on NPR or something a while back.


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