Who are you favorite characters and what characters don't you like so much and why?

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Favourite character: Severus Snape. All the way... That's what she said. Nevermind.
Least favourite character: Lucius Malfoy. Out of all the Malfoys, he's the only one who didn't feel any remorse for what he did. He was just an arrogant, evil, death eater. Yeah...
Hahahaha <3
My favourite character is the Weasley Twins (I will count them as one character because they're... you know... twins) and my least favourite character is Dobby...
I agree, I didn't really like Dobby until the last book, I had to give him some credit.
Favourite, I've got to say Luna or the twins. My lest favourite is Snap. Just because at the end we found out that he loved lily, even after she died, that doesn't mean we all have to like him. He was a bit of a git and he'll always be a bit of a git to me no matter who he loved
THANK YOU! i never liked snape (hehehe.... snap) even then.I think its a sweet idea, but snape's to evil for me to like him, even if he was "good"
the weasley twins, of course.

as for my least favorite, well...i cant say i really have one. even if the characters are annoying, or evil, or just plain old obnoxious, they make the story what it is, and i wouldn't change a thing.
Favourite: Remus Lupin. Because he's... okay, I've literally re-written why I think he's amazing about 8 times. HE'S JUST AMAZING and yet self-deprecating. Which is frustrating but also ridiculously appealing.
Least Favourite: Fudge. Urghh grow a backbone.
My favorite is Sirius Black, for sure. 2nd place is a tie between Snape and Dumbledore.

Least favorite? Voldemort...duh!
Agreed! But I think maybe Luna and Neville would be right up there with Sirius and Dumbledore, because they're totally awesome, and would've been perfect together! I think that Neville deserves just as much appreciation as Harry, because of the thing with his parents, and he's awesome when he kills Nagini at the end of the last book. But I hate all the Death Eaters, and anyone who was on Voldemort's side through their own choice. Especially Bellatrix, because of all the stuff with the Longbottoms. And Mrs Weasley rocks for killing her!
Favorite Character: Nymphadora Tonks and Sirius Black :) Oh and Can't forget Hagrid :) Least: Belatrix; killed the best characters >:( But I loved it when Mrs. Weasley powns her ;D
my favorite characters are either Fred and George or Luna Lovegood =]
and my least favorite is Peter Pettigrew


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