Since we are all still waiting for that precious letter to come... Why shouldn't we make acceptance letters for eachother? I'm willing to fulfill the dream of a small bunch of you wizards and witches, and let my creativity bloom! Who joins me?


So let me know below! Answer the following questions:

1. Do you want to make/sent some letters AND/OR would you like to recieve one? If you want to make them: how many would you like to send (at first) and to which countries?

2. In which country do you live? (It would be nice to tell in which country you live, because I can imagine some would only like to send letters in their own country.)

3. How will they look like?


I personally would love to make some letters AND recieve one. I'd prefer to send them to the Netherlands or Europe, but America would also be okay.

I live in the Netherlands (Europe).

Handwritten on paper that looks (a bit) like parchment. I don't know about the envelope, I will try to make them out of ''parchment'' as well. I don't have HP stamps or something, but I am creative and neat. I will also use ''real ink'' instead of ballpoint/pencil.


Let me know!

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I would totally love to get a Hogwarts letter!!! I could make one for someone else as well, like a chain thing?? :)

I guess that's even a better idea!

Those look amazing! Talk about elegant... I just like to do arts & crafts and stuff, so it's my pleasure to do such things by hand, but mine would def. look less neat than yours! ^^

Should we exchange letters? :)

this is such  a good idea ! :) i would be able to make (and hopefully recieve !! ) letters in the U.K .:)

Should we exchange letters? :D
I have always wanted to receive and send an acceptance letter, I actually looked online to see if there was anywhere that did it bu I couldn't find one, it would make an awesome birthday present.
I'll send you one if you send me one?? :D
That would be so awesome, I am in the UK if that is cool with you?
Yeah so am I! :D
Same here as Deidra G. (yes, we exchanged letters!). I'd love to make another one!
I would love to receive a letter! I will make and send :) And i think it would be cool if we made a list of people who wanted to be involved and then each person had a partner who they would send a letter to. It means that no-one would get left out. What do you think? xx


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