just wondering, which of John's books did everyone start with?  why?  and if you like, did you find Nerdfighteria through the books or the books through Nerdfighteria?


i'd actually subscribed to the Vlogbrothers and signed up on here before i finally decided to go ahead and read the books.  while i'd heard about Paper Towns and even, of course, caught Johns video in which he reads an early version of the first chapter, i actually started on an Abundance of Katherines.  before i had any idea what any of the books were about, the title just interested me. 

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I'm also one of the people who watched the vlog videos first, then discovered the books.The first book I read was Paper Towns, then The Fault in our Stars (which is one of the best books I've ever read), and I managed to get some of my friends into them too :) I've also read An Abundance of Katherines and have just started Will Grayson, Will Grayson. Which just leaves Looking for Alaska... that's next on my list!

My first book was Looking for Alaska, and I read it because my English teacher assigned a project where everyone in the class does a presentation on what book the entire school should read. He suggested that book to me, and I loved it. 

I've also read Paper Towns, and I've loved it. 

Next on my list of books I want to read is The Fault in our Stars, and I'm sure that it will be amazing. 

It was just after I became a nerdfighter, I found out that John Green was an author. So, of course, I had to read his books, right? The first book I read was Looking for Alaska. Probably because it was the cheapest on Amazon or something, haha. I wanted to read them all anyway so it didn't really matter what one was first. I read Looking for Alaska and now even after I've read the other John Green books, it still remains my favourite. :)

I've read lots of John Green quotes on blogs and then I stumbled upon an instagram picture of TFiOS and then it made me want to read it because the comments were like "Brace yourself for an emotional trauma" or "Have a box of tissues with you". I've finished the book and it was the best and most emotion-provoking book I have ever read. I neither had an emotional trauma nor did I cried but it had a big impact on me. It made me ponder about how important it is to have someone who has the same struggle as you and the importance of having significant persons to help you cope. I love how John Green puts such emotions in his books and from then I was reading all his books, checked out for book discussions, watched and subscribed vlog brothers, and then brought myself to the most AWESOME site with the most AWESOME people -- the best decision I've had in far too long.

I found the books through Nerdfighteria. 

I found Nerdfighteria through a friend, but had been watching SciShow for a while before finding out it was connected to the Vlogbrothers. In the past couple days I've read almost all of John Green's novels, the exception being (the Mongols) Let It Snow, because John only wrote a third of it. I read The Fault in Our Stars first, and decided when I finished it, at about 2 am, that it was the best book I'd ever read. As it turns out, Paper TownsAn Abundance of Katherines, and Looking for Alaska turned out to be even better. I've liked all of John Green's books that I've read, but the characters in Will Grayson, Will Grayson just weren't quite as easy to relate to in my opinion. This clearly isn't going to be the case for everyone reading that book. I loved Jane as a character, but I wish she took a bigger role in the book. In Paper Towns I loved the Margo looked at the world. In An Abundance of Katherines I found Colin's social awkwardness of knowing a lot, but having no idea what is interesting, so similar to my day to day life. (I still don't know why most people don't find math interesting, they just don't. I talk about it anyways.) Looking for Alaska and Alaska's guilt, feeling like she was the error, that if she could stop fucking up everyone's lives would be better for it, was comfortingly familiar. I love characters I can relate to, and John Green wrote a lot of them. I just realized that the question of which book I started with turned into me talking about which one I liked best. Oops. Oh well.

in all seriousness, Let it Snow does seem to tend to be the exception... so, yeah i might just think of the Mongols when i see it, now.  and i'll have to check but i'm pretty sure you're ok with the tangent.

yep, i'm going to allow it :D

I read Looking for Alaska first because I got it as a present on Christmas. I read TFIOS right afterwards. Then looking for more John Green books online, I found the vlog and later joined Nerdfighteria...

I first discovered the vlogbrothers through Charlie Mcdonnell & after really enjoying their videos I decided to check out John Green's books. I first read An Abundance of Katherines & then I read Paper Towns. I currently have The Fault in Our Stars & Looking For Alaska on hold at the library.

Started whit papertown. Started on this because I had gotten a set of for books (Papertown, TFiOS, AAoK and LfA) and wasn't sure what I should start whit and just had to start. Loved the book, and was already known whit the author trew youtube.

My nerdfighting life pretty much all came together at the same time from multiple tangents. I loved Chameleon Circuit when my friend showed me Vlogbrothers. We both decided to raid Barnes n Noble for the John Green section to split the book prices. After we got all the books available, I started on my pile with Alaska while she began with Paper Towns. Alaska's been my favorite through it all (even TFIOS) and I wish to high heaven I could go back and read it for the first time again! But alas, I require a TARDIS....

I started with Looking for Alaska for a STUPID reason. It's kind of funny actually. We had to chose a book for reading groups in English class in tenth grade. My ex-boyfriend was going to read Looking for Alaska, and I still liked him so I wanted to be in a group with him. Kinda sad, huh? It didn't help me get back with Kevin, but I did discover a new and much better love: John Green books. Well I'd like to be able to say that anyways. Truth is, I didn't like Looking for Alaska as much as his other books. It was more difficult for me to connect with, being the good girl I am.


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