Is there any one here taking part in this ? The Great Language Learning Challenge



This blog that I follow


Has this great new language event for next month

They have this great thing where you upload a youtube video of you at the end of the month specking in the language you have just started to get the hang of, the blogger is going to make hats for people who make the most creative video.


So far it looks like via there FB event page about 100 people are going to do it.


Is any one here going to give it a try I think it is a wonderful thing and hope this takes off like NaNWriMo has.


I am going to attempt to do Russian but I do not think I will be good enough to win the hat.

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I want to do it but I don't think I lack a facebook in the moment, I'll make one January and attend if it's not too late.

I want to teach myself German, might change but in the moment that's how I feel.


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