I've wanted to learn a language for a very long time, and now that I've joined this group, I might just try! There have been a couple things holding me back over the years, one of them being that I can barely reed English, and the idea of learning to reed or write another language is absolutely ludicrous. Online, I use voice recognition software to write, and a program called confident reader to read. Neither one of those programs work with other languages.
so I'm just not sure what language I want to learn. I was thinking maybe Spanish, because there are a lot of Spanish people in my area. I was also thinking maybe French, because both my parents, and my best friend speak it, also, one of my moms mother and father speaks it, but they speak Canadian French.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
What is the easiest language to learn in your opinion?
You have any suggestions for programs to learn it? Any language I learn I will have to teach to myself, because I am unschooled.

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Spanish is fairly easy but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best to learn. Esperanto is very easy as well, but few people speak it so it depends on what you're looking for.

I would say French if that's the language you would have the most support for. It's a very beautiful language, versatile, and useful depending on where you live. I would recommend picking a language whose culture you love. That way you can read materials in that language when you get good enough. And if you ever travel you can use it abroad.

One of you're tags says dyslexic. I have mild dyslexia, not as bad as what you seem to have but it did hamper my learning a little. I would recommend Podcasts. They're super helpful. There are a ton of really good ones for French and Spanish. You can find them on iTunes if you search but I'll list the websites here.



There are tons more but I had Radio Lingua bookmarked so I went ahead and listed those. For us auditory learners, podcasts are invaluable.
Wow, thanks for all the great resources! This is really fantastic. Thank you for all the links, and information. I am looking into learning both Spanish and French (still), and have (still) not decided which one to learn.
it's great to hear how helpful podcasts have been for you, I can wait to start listening!
it's also nice to hear from another dyslexic!
I have a lot to think over, I feel like this is a big decision, and not one that I want to make lately. You're advice has been a big help,thanks again!
No problem. If you need any help for either language (Spanish I can practice with you, French I can find resources), let me know. I wish you the best of luck!


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