As the title says, what languages do you want to learn?

What are your reasons?

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

Any good resources to share?

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I'm hoping that I can find a few people who are learning the languages I want to learn so I have people to practice. It's impossible to find some types of speakers near me.

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As the title says, what languages do you want to learn?
I'm currently studying Mandarin Chinese, but I'd also like to study Korean, Japanese, and Arabic in the future

What are your reasons?

I love learning about other cultures and their languages, and I would love to be able to travel and talk to people I wouldn't be able to if I only knew English. I'm learning Mandarin right now with the hopes of going to China for a while to teach English

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

My school offers it, so I'm already in my second year (fourth semester) of Chinese, but I graduate after this semester so I'll be on my own :(

Any good resources to share? (for inspiration, study ideas, and awesomeness, no matter what language you're studying) (nice forum with links to good resources) (A cool program for making your own flashcards to study with on the computer)


Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I could totally use someone to practice Chinese with!!! Feel free to send a message.

Currently learning: German, French, Arabic

Alphabets learned: Russian, Hebrew, Korean, Greek

Other languages: Turkish, Japanese


Reasons: Languages seem to be the only thing I understand. To learn anything, I have to conceptualize it as a language of its own. 


My school only offers German of the three I'm currently learning; I'm using the French in Action series for French, and I'm using LearnQuranicArabic on YouTube for Arabic. Russian, Turkish, and Japanese will have to wait until I either transfer schools or go to college.


If you're learning English, and the grammar is confusing the heck out of you (like it does to me), English Grammar Book TOC w/exercises has helped me out of a great deal of sticky situations. There are even exercises to practice with! List of Common Idioms is a great resource for English idioms, and List of German Idioms is pretty self-explanatory.


I need someone to practice French and Arabic with. My family speaks German.

I an American who has been living in Japan for two years. Every day is a learning experience which I love. :) I keep on trying to learn more kanji. Reading and writing is the hardest part of Japanese for me. While speaking and listening comprehension aren't really the issue, I still find my illiteracy a bit frustrating.


I really want to learn Welsh as well, because I'm of Welsh ethnicity and so few people speak the language anymore. 

Since I'm no longer a university student, I will have to be teaching myself. I love a good challenge. 

Any good resources to share? For learning Japanese, there are lots of good Japanese vloggers on youtube who share great lessons on how to learn. The BBC has a great Welsh learning site set up. I frequent there weekly. :)

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I have an entire country of language partners for Japanese so that is helpful. I'd love a Welsh speaking language partner though. :)


Cheers! Let's all do our best to learn these awesome languages! (◕ ‿‿ ◕)

1. Swedish or Irish.. nordic languages mostly swedish and irish tho

2. im part swede and irish, want to go to sweden and ireland, (i know both speak english but id be cool for a foreigner to go there and speak it.

3. im 15 and in high school, we learn french, so i will have to teach myself though, hosting student exchange could work OR doing a student exchange.

4. Swedish - look for swedish. Irish - look for irish

5. looking for a native speaker to give me pointers and to teach, and no dont have one

What languages do you want to learn?

French, Italian, Korean, ASL, and Swedish.

What are your reasons?

French- I've studied it for about 3 years, now. It's my dream to live (or at least study abroad) in France. The language really comes natural to me and I adore learning it.

Italian- It sounds so gorgeous, but I want to be really solid in my French before I pursue it, or I'll confuse them with each other.

Korean- I've self-taught myself it for a couple months and it's really simple. I was inspired by K-pop to learn it.

ASL- I think it would be really helpful in the job I'm pursuing. Plus, it seems fairly simple. Hooray for no verb conjugations!

Swedish- I kinda just want a germanic language in my repetoire just because. It sounds pretty badass in my opinion.

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

The only language in my list that's at school is French. I'm currently in French 4. Everything else will either be self taught or taken in college.

Any good resources to share?

Honestly, not really. I just listen to a lot of music in those languages, or watch tv shows. It really helps my speaking and listening skills.

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

Of course I'm looking! Si tu parles français, tu peux m'aider!

what languages do you want to learn?

Primarily German. Russian, Scots Gaelic, and Italian.


What are your reasons?

German because I will be in Germany next Summer and wish to communicate with the people in their Native tongue... and german is awesome and our German-speaking exchane students every year are HOT.

Russian because its the only non-Spanish language my school offers, and i need two years of a Foreign language so I can graduate with honors

Scots Gaelic because I'm reading J. Ardian Lee's "Son of the Sword" series, which is about my family, and i really want to know that the Scots are saying :3

Italian because.... well, why not?

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?
Offered to Russian, self taught to all the others.

Any good resources to share?

IMMERSION. Is epic, as it thrusts you into conversations with other practicioners and native speakers of the target language!

Also! AlexiBexi (youtube channel) has EPIC videos, both comedy, informative, and translations of popular English songs in German... SO MUCH HELP he has been! Also... he's not to hard on the eyes~ xD

Berlitz is crap. Do not go near it. >.>


Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I'd love practice with mostly my German, as its the only one I'm learning with a true passion! I have some practice partners, but, hey The more the merrier!

What languages do you want to learn?

French, Japanese, Chinese, Italian

What are your reasons?

I don't really have specific reasons, most are similar. Overall I just love language but I want to learn most of these languages for traveling purposes. I want to live in France and Japan some point in my life and I also wish to travel the world.

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

My school offers French, currently in French 3, and Chinese, currently in Chinese 1.

I will have to teach Italian and Japanese to myself. 

Any good resources to share?

For learning Japanese:

For learning Korean: , I stumbledupon this and liked it because I have somewhat of an interest in learning Korean, especially if I decide to be an East Asian Studies Major in college and decide to live abroad in Asia. 

Wherever I move I want to be able to travel so I don't want to know only one of the languages. 

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I do not have a person to practice a language with. Teaching myself Japanese has been put on hold for now because I'm busy in a block-scheduled school with two languages, Italian has been put on for later, my Chinese is the pitiful level of probably a two year old because I'm in the first year of the language. However I would love to practice my french and learn a thing or two from someone it would be a great help! 


As the title says, what languages do you want to learn? Cantonese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Portugese

What languages do you already know?  Ha!  I added one!

Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Tagalog, Visayan, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English

What languages are you learning? I added Another
Mandarin Chinese, Farsi, Dari, Pashtun

What are your reasons?

Part of my job involves the ability to speak several different languages.

Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?
I am not self-taught
Any good resources to share?
No, sorry.
Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I have one for Mandarin, but I could always use another.

As the title says, what languages do you want to learn?

Russian, Welsh, Ancient Greek, Italian...
What are your reasons?

Russian: I have always thought the Russian language was beautiful - just as beautiful as French, which I do speak. I love the Russian culture, and I find Russian history and literature fascinating. I want to be able to read my favorite Russian authors' original words!

Welsh: The idea of being able to speak a minority language is extremely attractive to me. I love Wales, and to be able to go there and to speak the native language would be AWESOME, especially since less and less people are learning how to speak it, nowadays... Aside from which, Welsh is just super dooper pretty.

Ancient Greek: Once again, it's a literature thing. If I could Ovid in the original, it would make my life.

Italian: I've been to Italy before, and I LOVED it. I want to go back, and to see the areas of the country I was unable to see (*cough*VENICE!!*cough*). I'd kind of like to learn Italian, in order to get around more easily.
Does your school offer it or will you have to teach it to yourself?

My school does not teach ANY of these. I'll have to learn it meself!
Any good resources to share?

"The New Penguin Russian Course" is among the best books for Russian I've found as of yet, though it's certainly not perfect...

I learn best with exercise books, and I also watch movies in the language. Overall, that's the thing that has most improved my French pronunciation.

Are you looking for someone to practice the language with or do you have one?

I have a Russian penpal, but it's not really for language practice... The others are sort of vague dreams at this point, so I'm not actively looking for anyone on that front.

1. German, Gaelic Irish, and ASL.
2. I took German my freshman and sophomore years of high school, but I moved last summer and my new school doesn't teach it. I might want to teach German or ASL when I'm an adult ( but I don't know any ASL and I am losing my german knowledge!). My family is of irish descent and I like the sound of it.
3. I don't have any resources, not even for German. My old teacher was actually from Germany so she rarely taught out of a book.
4. It would be cool if someone helped me learn german or ASL, or to practice with.

I would like to learn languages so that i am fluent in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, German, Latin, Afrikkans, and err thats all i can think of at the moment. (altough i wouldnt mind learning any others)

English- well i can pretty much speak that because i am english and so have learnt that language at school as a first language.

French- i can speak quite well french but usually end up adding the english words when im not sure about a word so i would like to be able to speak it fluently.

Italian- I think the Italian language is rather cool, so am currently teaching myself it.

Spanish- another european language (spain) that could be useful.

Japanese- i do some japanese at karate and really like the japanese culture and stuff so would like to be able to speak japanese. i am currently teaching myself japanese through an ipod app as i have no money to buy a rather expensive language program thingy.

German- german could be useful at somepoint.

Latin- it would be interesting to learn a languag that isnt really used, the only problem being it would be harder to find ways to learn it.

Afrikkans- my friend lives in south africa and i would like to be able to speak afrikkans.

My school is rubbish and only offers French (and english, but not as a foreign language), so if anyone knows any good free apps for learning a language (i dont mind if its not one of the ones i mentioned, any language will do) please tell me.

I dont really have any good resources except the mindsnacks french app which i downloaded as the free version but it seems to have given me the paid version instead (though im not complaining) is a good and easily accessible app, and let's write japanese app is also a good appfor working on writing (although it teaches you lots of words as well), but may appear childish to some.

I mostly want to learn Spanish. I have been taking classes off and on since high school, even studying abroad and going to language school for a summer in college. Sadly, my Spanish still sucks. I hope to be fluent one day though.

I absolutely LOVE other cultures and general ways of life of the Hispanic people. I think I was meant to be Latina! :) I have traveled to Central America numerous times and never usually want to leave...Costa Rica being my favorite.

Best learning tool, in my opinion, is total immersion. If you can't visit one of the places that speak the language you want to learn, find people who you can speak with on a regular basis. If you don't practice, you WILL lose it.

I also like  


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