Hey there fellow nerdfighters :) I'm not sure how to do this, but basically I'm going to LeakyCon and don't know anybody who is going there and thought, what better way to solve that, than to make a collab channel. The idea is for it to be like any other collab channel, except with 3/5 people going to LeakyCon, preferably ones that are in the same position as me (don't know anybody else) and around the ages of 15-20.
Would anybody else be interested in being a part of this?

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i would definitely :)

i have one friend going but knowing more people is definitely a plus.

Awesome! :) Do you have any name ideas?
Oh goodness, i am THE worst with names... o.o
You can't be the worst, my collab channel ended up being named The Channel That Must Not Be Named XD!!
Dude, that's an awesome name for a channel, so that's not a very good example :D

This would be AWESOME, I'm ending a collab channel of my own in a little while and I'm going to LeakyCon.

I am going with one friend and seeing a couple people but I would love to do this, I'm 14... :D Also this is a little wierd but my mom is SUPER overprotective and she made me "change" my name on the internet, and it's Shannon, I know that's wierd but...

Great :) I understand the whole overprotective thing, it makes sense... Do you have any ideas for the name?

Not that weird if you grew up without the Internet. For almost 10 years I refused to give my real name on the Internet, it was just how I grew up, not so much my parents.

Isn't at bazaarly strange how a simple half generational gap can make people so different. I'm very different from my sister who is 7 years my junior. Just how it is.

I think it will be easiest to arrange everything if we add each other on facebook and chat through messages?

Yeah, definitely. 

Uhm, I'll message you my link.

Still looking for people or are you all sorted?

I'd prob be a bit old mind, 23 in March.

Danielle it's me! Shannon! PuffLevels, yeah my real name is Willow, kinda wierd that I go under Shannon but it'd be cool to have you!!


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