We all have our favourite characters, but who/what died that really stuck in your mind, what really made you think "Wow... he is gone"

Mine.. at the moment is snape, but that will likely change (I change my mind about things alot)

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I came in here to post about Rudy's death as well. The Book Thief is a fantastic piece of work. :3
Yes! Rudy's death was horrible, especially because Leisel never kissed him.

I agree. That bothered me so much.

I cried. A lot. More than a lot. 

I was completely shocked that Rudy died. He definitely was my favorite character. I cried at his death, but I think he died with a good reputation with Lesiel, which was good.

The Book Thief really was amazing :)

It was an amazing (an by that I mean very sad but in a perfect way) but why were you shocked? The moment you meet him Death tells you he is going to die.

That made me cry so much, especially because he and Liesel never got past the friend stage...

When I read that I cried so much. :'( It was beautifully written.Then when I was going to lend the book to a friend, and I dropped it and it opened to the page where he dies... and I started crying all over again. I almost never cry when I read, so this is a big deal for me.

It was horrible because you knew he was going to die but then when it actually happened you wanted to change that fact so much but you couldn't...

Snape's death scene was a shock. There was a really bad book called The Knife that Killed Me that I had to read as part of a book club. My favourite character, Shane, died in that. That was devastating and made me want to kill the writer.
I loved JK Rowling way of killing him. His last words were so meaningful!
Sirius Black, i think it was becuz he was the first character to go that I actually liked, I had to read the part where he died a couple times just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating or something


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