We all have our favourite characters, but who/what died that really stuck in your mind, what really made you think "Wow... he is gone"

Mine.. at the moment is snape, but that will likely change (I change my mind about things alot)

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oooh agreed. I sobbed.

Kolker of Everything Is Illuminated. Something about the disk-saw blade stuck in his head and the heart-wrenching degeneration of his mind up until his imminent death. 

And if I may, can I just point out (assuming no one else already has; internet's been quite sluggish today) that it's really wonderful and interesting how the seeming majority of nerdfighter's "favorite" deaths are the ones that in fact made them the saddest?  We read books because we want to feel. We embrace having our hearts broken. 

Gatsby's death 

For me it was Prim's [THG] and Sirius' [HP] death that made me think "Wow... they are gone!" I hadn't anticipated it and cried so hard when it happened. However, I knew [Heard it from someone!]that Snape would die towards the end so the impact was of a lesser degree. Nonetheless, Snape was one of my favorite characters in HP. 

I was so angry when Prim died! I mean it was kind of obvious that she would, but still...

in the book thief when rudy steiner died, not everyone in liesel's life, but particularly rudy.

god, that was horrible...

For me it's Akkarin's death in "The High Lord" by Trudi Canavan... I really didn't see that one coming, I was literally screaming at the book not to lie to me... :S

I actually think that one of the saddest deaths I have read was Finnick Odair. It just makes me so sad, that we were just  getting to really know him, and he was only just about to start his life, when everything was ripped away. I cried for days about that.

very true...

RIGHT after his wedding, and Annie was pregnant and everything was just starting to get better for him.

Yes exactly!! And there are lots of headcanons on Tumblr about Annie and the baby and oh god... It's been four months since I read it, and it still cry about it sometimes! And it's the same with Fred Weasley! I still can't believe George lost such a big piece of himself. There should seriously be support-groups for mourners over lost characters!


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