We all have our favourite characters, but who/what died that really stuck in your mind, what really made you think "Wow... he is gone"

Mine.. at the moment is snape, but that will likely change (I change my mind about things alot)

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I would join immediately- I wish JK Rowling would have added stuff about George at the end of the Deathly Hallows because I have no idea what he would have done without half of himself. 

Yes, I totally agree. I think that they were so lucky to have their soulmate (platonic of course) in shape of their brother and best friend, and I just don't think George would ever really get over a loss of that caliber... I would have liked to see how the whole Weasley-family, and especially George dealt with it.

I worry that they wouldn't be the same, I mean OF COURSE they wouldn't but, I hope they kept their fun, loud vibrant Weasley-ness, and that didn't leave with the deaths of their children.

I think they would all be quiet for a while, but the noices would slowly return to The Burrow. I'm not sure if George would or wouldn't participate though! I don't really have a headcanon for that! What do you think? :)

Knowing George, I think he will come back, eventually and maybe not as before but he'd return. Being like that was George's way and I don't think he'd totally recluse.

Kartik from The Gemma Doyle Trilogy. It wasn't so much that he died that stuck with me... just the fact that he turned into a freaking tree. I remember literally throwing the book when I finished because I thought that was the most ridiculous thing ever.

too true... oh and (spoilers cause I know that there must still be people out there who haven't finished Mockingjay) with the bomb... I had to stop reading for a few hours cause I was like "OH COME ON!!!"

Agreed about (spoilers)! I came out of nowhere and I good find no good reason for it!

it ruins the entire original point of the series

Boromir. Just... damn...

All the feels!!


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