I have a public examination, kind-of coming up (as in it's probably over a year until I have to do it), but I want to know what I am going to write about. We basically need to write a cross-over fanfiction, and we have to pick two characters from two different books, films or television programs, meeting in any given circumstance.

I kind of... half know what I am going to do, but I need to pick one half of the characters to go with the one I have already got. Straying away from books, I have chosen Amy Pond, as my first character. Can anybody think of somebody from a book who, preferably as a child or teenager, waits for another person in the kind of devoted manner that Amy waits for the Doctor. 

Please help, these are my GCSEs, and it must be the best exam that I will get in a while, because it is a pretty awesome exam, and I want to do it properly.

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Um...the first person that pops into my mind is Peeta from The Hunger Games - with the way he had a crush on Katniss for years - but, um, I....really...don't know if that'll work,'s not EXACTLY the same way that Amy waited for the Doctor...and....yeah...that probably won't work...but...whatever. Just a suggestion.

Yeah, and Gale would also kind-of work, but not really that well...

I don't really know about this Amy and the Doctor, but judging by the last comments, Ginny waiting for Harry wouldn't work well. But D'Artagnan waiting for Madame Bonacieux is a little bit different. ?

Amy and the Doctor is from the start of the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who (Matt Smith), where he crashes in the garden of an eight year old Amelia Pond, eats fish fingers and custard, says he will be back in five minutes, doesn't come back in five minutes. Amelia then begins to worship him, makes dolls if the 'Raggedy Doctor' and the TARDIS. 

The Doctor comes back after (I believe) twelve years, saves the world, goes off for another two years, comes back the day before Amy gets married, and then she travels with him.

You have got to feel sorry for Rory!

That synopsis makes me think of the Time Traveler's Wife :c)

Ooh, I'll read that and see if it fits.

I am thinking of possibly doing Lucy Snowe, from Villette.

Honestly, the first person I thought of was Rickon, from George RR Martin's series, but he went a tad bit crazy so that might not be quite what you're looking for.  Also...well, there were extenuating circumstances that would be spoilers if you haven't read the books, haha.  I loved Grace's idea of D'Artagnan, he's one of my favorites!  I haven't read Villette, but it's absolutely going on my to-read list.  :)


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