Hi guys!

So, I gave myself a challenge this year, that I would try to read 52 books in 52 weeks (I might give myself a break though and cut it down to 50 or something), the problem is, though, I just finished The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (by Douglas Adams) and I don't know if it should count as one or five books.

It is one physical book, but in it it contains all 5 books in the series - each with their specific dedication and all that, but it could also be argued that it's one book. What do you guys think? 

(Also, what do you think of the ending of Mostly Harmless? I haven't quite made up my mind yet, but I think I like it)

P. S. The first one is by far my favorite. It's just a literary masterpiece. 


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I would count it as 5! But how awesome, I've decided to do the exact same thing this year! I'm a little behind though, hopefully I'll catch up on my reading this summer!

Nice! And yeah, I'm also counting on the vacation for a chance to catch up. It's hard for me to find time to read that much.


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