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So, I gave myself a challenge this year, that I would try to read 52 books in 52 weeks (I might give myself a break though and cut it down to 50 or something), the problem is, though, I just finished The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (by Douglas Adams) and I don't know if it should count as one or five books.

It is one physical book, but in it it contains all 5 books in the series - each with their specific dedication and all that, but it could also be argued that it's one book. What do you guys think? 

(Also, what do you think of the ending of Mostly Harmless? I haven't quite made up my mind yet, but I think I like it)

P. S. The first one is by far my favorite. It's just a literary masterpiece. 


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5 books, definitely.

I would say count it as 5, only because it was published as five individual books. I take it you read the compounded one? My favorite is So Long and Thanks for All the Fish, not only because of the song but because of the creativity as well.

I did yes, that would also be my argument. 

And you can't help but applaud the man's creativity, I agree. It's fantastic.

I agree, 5 books.

I read the complete Sherlock Holmes which was 4 novels and forty something short stores and I counted them all separately. (Although maybe that's not allowed, since they're short stories...) and seeing as how I'd read 26 or more books previously, before losing track, I think I'm done for the year. 

Yeah, that is a lot of books. How did you find the time, I wonder. 

But I would also like to count it as five, because then I have 4 less books to read - not that it's a bad thing, but in terms of meeting my goal, I think it's good I can count it as 5 books. 

how did I find the time? Well, I'd like to say books > homework, but that's a bit far-fetched. 

I just jam packed all of my reading near the beginning of the year and then left the rest of the year for other things. I still need the entire summer to catch up on Doctor Who. 

But I'm curious, how does one find the time for reading? 

I would love to say books > homework, but I am just too much of a perfectionist... 

Wow. I never thought about doing that. Won't you miss reading for the rest of the year though? Or have I misunderstood? 

Interesting question... I'd like to think that people who read much just cram it in everywhere - I sometimes read during recess for example. And perhaps, whenever we have nothing to do, reading is just a priority. And reading before you go to sleep is also a great way of reading more, I think. 

What's your opinion? 

Of course I'm going to be reading more throughout the year. In fact I just recently finished The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart-- a great book, I'd totally reccomend it, it was grammar nerd heaven-- but now it can be a bit more relaxed since I don't have a challenge to stress about. I don't really know why I take these upon myself, I don't do well under pressure. 

I think you're partway correct about the people who read a lot cram it in everywhere thing, though I know some people just are unable to read peacefully anywhere but their bedrooms. 

That's not my case. Back in elementary school, I used to read during recess. That's basically all I ever did. Now at school, I have the option of remaining in the library for the lunch period. And that's what I do. 

I swear, I will avoid anything to go outside. I just read. 

My aunts or some other distant relatives, a few months ago, were commenting on how pale my skin has gotten-- let it be known that I'm of south-asian heritage and my culture has this inane obsession with having pale skin, so I guess it was a compliment-- and I just said to them, I don't go outdoors.  

Reading in bed, that reminds me of a post I saw once on tumblr, "Book lovers never go to bed alone" 

Though, reading before bed isn't always an option for me because most nights I have to do homework until I go to sleep. But what I find an awesome substitution: reading under the covers when you're supposed to be asleep. 

That's like, my life. 

Please tell me other people do that so I don't feel like an awful juvenile delinquent? 


And I can totally relate to that. I read in my recess as late as earlier today in fact.

It's good to hear that at least some good things come out of reading to much - e.g. your pale skin :) (of course that's not the only good thing about reading)

And you're not alone: I always read when I'm supposed to be asleep - but by then everybody else have gone to sleep so they don't bother me.

Five books because it is technically five different books conveniently placed into one. 

Thanks! :)

Definitely count it as 5 books! Just because it's in a compilation doesn't mean it is one book.


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