Are there any books people refuse to read? Either because the author is awful or just on principal?

I can't think of any... yet. There may be a few on principal but I would usually try to approach a book with an open mind. How can you judge a book by its cover?

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James Pattersons' books.  I honestly don't know why they're so popular.  I've read most of the Maximum Ride books, and attempted Witch and Wizard, so I can can say that they're bad.  It's just..... terrible.

I tried desperately to listen to Witch and Wizard because I love Elijah Wood so much I wanna take him behind the middle school and get him pregnant (anyone? anyone? 30 Rock? anyhow). Nyop! Even my love of EW couldn't get me through that garbage.

I refuse Jodi Picoult as well, because of my own personal pettiness... I can't help but picture her as gum popping cheerleader perched upon a large pile of money writing the same story over and over again with different names and adjectives...


And I know, I know... that's terrible of me. Ditto that Nicholas Sparks creature. There's a clan of girls at my school always packing about one or the other under their arms... it gets a bit old.

Jodi Piccoult has a plots to die for. She just can't write. She has no faith in her characters and her books are just dull.

i see what you did there...

I cannot read Garth Nix. There. I said it. I think his writing is dull and he never seems to get to the point. I gave Sabriel about five tries, then I gave up. 


The Kite Rider was a terrible book. I stopped mid-way and went to go cry myself to sleep. Bad books do that to me... 

Garth Nix is actually quite okay. His tone is a bit dryer than some stuff, but I find it on par with Harry Potter. (disclaimer I love Sabriel, and can you believe his real name is Garth Nix, perfect name for a fantasy writer) For high fantasy his writing is the typical tone. I think it just sets the mood. Sabriel is sorta boring for the first few pages, maybe skip to the part where there are zombies, a chapter or two in. 

But then again I get it. I hate the lord of the rings. All of them. Horribly boring. 

I will never read Twilight or Animal Farm again and I wouldn't touch most teenage-supernatural love stories with a twelve foot pole.

I don't know if I would categorize animal farm with the others. It's main problem is that it is mis-billed as fantasy when it is really satire or social commentary  Although I admit it is my least favorite Orwell novel (Either that or the Clergyman's Daughter,... ok second least favorite ) but to be fair having a least favorite Orwell novel is kinda like having a least favorite diamond. 

However you do have to have a basic knowledge of Russian History (the October revolution etc)to really get it. Which is why it is so unfortunate that if my school is typical most students read animal farm before they cover Russian history. I still remember learning Russian History and thinking "It's Snowball!! Trotsky's Snowball and Stalin is Neapolitan and Old Major must be Marx or Lenin or...both?" All of a sudden Animal Farm made a lot more sense.

I loved Animal Farm O.O! Although I read it while in college for a poli sci degree... :/

The Clique and Gossip Girl books are books I can't even look at without wanting to burn them. I think it's horrible that people actually read them. They make me want to puke. Also I would never read Twilight again.
I tend not to read war books. It's just not something I'm generally interested in. The only one that's ever won me round was Catch-22, and that doesn't really count in my eyes :L


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