Are there any books people refuse to read? Either because the author is awful or just on principal?

I can't think of any... yet. There may be a few on principal but I would usually try to approach a book with an open mind. How can you judge a book by its cover?

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Fifty Shades of Grey...

...I'm not into that sort of stuff. So, I didn't really get into it because I just don't read the genre.

Otherwise, I'm pretty open minded (well except I don't really like horror).

Uhm, well, I refused, past tense and just haven't bothered going back. Ethan Frome is the absolute worst thing in the face of romantic literature. We were assigned it two years ago, I read a third of it and SparkNoted the rest because I literally felt my brain melting with each awful sentance of Edith Wharton's I stumbled through.


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