I usually walk to the library on weekends or during the summer because it's pretty close to my house. I sit there for a couple hours and read! I love it:D

Sometimes I like going to the park. There is a really big one near my house, and there is a lot of trees that I can sit under. There are benches too, but I like being in a more secluded area. 

Sometimes I read on my bed. 

What about you guys? Where is your favorite place to read?

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I love reading on the bus!!! It's so nice and it's actually pretty comfortable too on those benches. I really like the train too but I don't take it very often.


I really like reading on my bedroom floor >.< I should find a good place outside to read though...

I rather like being up a tree, myself, because the odd looks I get make me laugh - and yes, I feel fantastically poetic. I love reading outdoors in the summer but in the winter nothing beats being curled up by the fire or in bed with a good book.
I like reading either on my bed, or while taking a walk. I walk almost everywhere, so I spend the time with a good book. It's also nice to just curl up in a corner with a book when it's too cold to go outside.
I read on my couch or sitting against a wall (with a pillow smooshed in between me and the wall) on my bed. It's kinda noisy in the living room and kinda dark in my bedroom but really who cares?
I love reading in my bed in the covers because I get so into the book that I need to be alone and go to that place. And in the the park. Whenever it's a sunny day I feel an urge to read in a tree and so I do.
I literally just roam my house. I read in my bed in every position possible, I read on the stairs, and the table, upside down, on the bench outside, in a hammock and everywhere else.
I used to read on the stairs all the time, but then we got two dogs and they love running up and down the stairs, it never ends well.

I'm a big fan of next to the pool, but up a tree sounds like a fantastic idea, i must try it some time. At the moment my issue is not where to read but what to read. I love young adult fiction but have trouble separating the good from the not so good. Any ideas?

what do you mean by separating the good from the not so good?
I find it overwhelming trying to choose a book if i got a store with no specific author in mind and not enough money to spend on a book i won't really enjoy

I tend to have that problem a lot.

What kind of young adult fiction do you like? Like, give some examples

My bedroom is in the attic and there is this window where I can see over the city because we live on what I think is the highest hill around. Anyway, I like to sit by that window because the light is nice. I also like to sit in my back yard under my apple tree to read.


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