So, what's your 'coming out' story? Or, are you even out? Who are you out to? Do you have and stories of people hating on you? Discuss.

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Always the step-dads with the homophobia. So weird. And like I probably said before Micaela(great name btw) it's best you just get over with but it's a bad thing to try to rush these things. So take your time and good luck.

I know how you feel. My sister doesn't think bisexuality is a real thing and doesn't get it. 

Haven't come out totally (as asexual). I've only actually told 4 or 5 people, which is fine. I mean, it's not like this huge secret to be honest. I'm incredibly open about it, but no one's noticed xD

The first person I told was my friend Matija, and it went something like:

"I got an actual black ring. Did I tell you what the black ring was for? If you guess correctly, I'll give you...cake."

"It signifies the death of a baker?"

"It means I'm asexual."

"Oh. That's kind of cool, actually."



I think I've never actually had to come out  cause I've never been ''in'' ._.

I've had really great parents that has been open minded and always said that as long as were happy with who we are, they could never hate us. So even as a child I saw nothing wrong with loving whoever I wanted to love ( my 6 year old self was devestated when the girl I liked said that two girls liking eachother was...yucky ) and I lived out my childhood happy. It was not until I got older and started being panicked about my gender that I had to come out of the closet as genderqueer, and that wasn't a dramatic experience either. I just came down for breakfast one day and said to myself that it either would go terribly wrong or terribly right, and then I said it. and it didn't go terribly right, it just went allright :o

And I'm out to everyone, and thats the problem >_O In my old hometown ( which I live in about 2-3 months a year now ) everyone hates everything diffrent, and they resort to violence to get ''rid'' of these things. But I moved about 2 years ago and in my new town everyone I know doesn't care, and actually things its kinda ''strong'' of me to be myself :O

I'm only out to my close friends, and some of my family. Not a lot of people readily accept asexuality as an orientation -- or know what it is, for that matter -- so I tend to take the easy way out and never mention it. I'm working up the courage to start telling more people, though. :)

I'm not out...I'm sure my parents would be accepting but I'm terrified anyway and not even quite sure of my sexuality...I could really use someone to talk to who has gone through this, so if anyone wants to talk...

I came out on new years to my mom, dad, three best friends, and their parents. Truth be told it probably wasn't the best time to come out since my friends and their parents were sleeping over but it made for a good laugh. The most uncomfortable thing I had to deal with was the fact that my sister doesn't understand bisexuality and doesn't think it's real. That made me sad because my sister isn't normally an ignorant person. Other than that though I find that it's usually just unintelligent assholes  making fun of me or friends teasing me but it doesn't bother me.


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