Since we now have an official trailer let's discuss. What do we like/not like so far.

I really like how they are setting it up as Bilbo finally telling the full story to Frodo.

New trailer!! (9/19/2012)

Here's a link to the trailer:

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i admit it's been...12 years since i read the Hobbit, but i don't remember Galadriel being in it at all, let alone as much as they seem to be featuring her.  but i'll reserve judgement till i can actually see what's going on...or i've refreshed my memory.

Yeah, I'm a bit freaked about the Gandalf-Galadriel touchy-feely moment. THEY DIDN'T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP. 

does sound pretty epic

this has been playing on my computer since i first saw the trailer. and i know and sing the song continuously. it even annoys my dad, a fellow lotr fan :P but its so epic  i cannot help it!

Me too! I sang it for an audition at my school. (:

I think that it looks really good, I thought that the dwarves looked great and I just got super excited watching it!

Okay, so, about this whole Galadriel thing: 

YES, she is not in the Hobbit, the book

BUT Peter Jackson has said that he will bring in the whole Necromancer thing with Dol Guldur and bla. So, Galadriel is actually in Rivendell when the hobbit and the dwarves arrive, because of the white council. Now in the books she is not mentioned, because the book does not include the other story, but Gandalf is mentioned to be busy with other stuff, which is the Necromancer stuff. So I am totally fine with Galadriel being there, because she actually is. 

What I also think would be fun to see would be Aragorn, ten years old, running around in Rivendell, but I guess, that will not happen. 

And I love the Trailer, know it by heart by now, b/c I can't stop watching it! 

...that actually makes a lot of sense as the trailer has alread hinted at this being done with a kind of prequel self-awareness if i'm explaining myself at all. 

not sure... ?!?

but I think you mean that I make alot of sense... even though I am not quite certain where it's hinted that the hobbit is being made with a prequel self-awareness (or even what that is)?!? 

technically the Lord of the Rings book is a sequel to the Hobbit but since Peter Jackson and co... made the trilogy first, the movie version of the Hobbit becomes a prequel and i don't know, something about the way the trailer sets up the adventure, Gandalf, the ring and so on seems a little beyond forshadowing.

okay, tbh I already wrote another reply, but really, I'm not following you at all. 

The hobbit (film) cannot just become the prequel to Lotr, because it already is and always will be the prequel to Lotr because it plays about 77 years before Lotr. Tolkien, as far as I'm concerned, never wanted to be the whole ring story as foreshadowing as it is now, but the thing is, as soon as you have read/watched lotr, it becomes foreshadowing without really wanting to bc the reader/watcher knows where it will lead them in the future. I can totally see why anyone would want to make Lotr in a movie first and then the Hobbit, because the Hobbit becomes so much more interesting if you have all the information that Lotr will give you in your mind. Otherwise it is just a story about a hobbit and dwarves finding treasure and defeating the dragon, even though I shouldn't say just, because that alone is already pretty amazing. 

What I also think would be fun to see would be Aragorn, ten years old, running around in Rivendell

Ahahahaha that would be fantastic.


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