Since we now have an official trailer let's discuss. What do we like/not like so far.

I really like how they are setting it up as Bilbo finally telling the full story to Frodo.

New trailer!! (9/19/2012)

Here's a link to the trailer:

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Yes, not even explaining it. Just Bilbo noticing this kid running around that doesn't have elf ears and then all the tolkien nerds would know, kinda an inside joke. 

Me and a friend also joked about young Legolas being present and training his 'skatting on a shield down the stairs' while in Mirkwood and his dad being really angry and upset about it. "Behave like an elf for once, we have company."

yes! that should totally happen! i would be the one in the theater jumping up and down in my seat while my other friends were all 0.o haha they put up with me, not that they understand me, they just accept it haha

I am completely fine with any characters from the lotr movies making an appearance.  it would just make everything that more awesome.

im currently re-reading the hobbit and i had to buy a new book, since mine was falling apart at the seams :P im SO FRAKKING EXCITED for the movie!!!! :DDD

I bought my first copy of the Hobbit this year! Before that I read my moms, in German, and I have no idea why I put up with that for so long!

Today someone told me to stop being so excited because the Hobbit comes out December next year... people just don't understand how long we've been waiting for this!!!!!! =)

this is why i love nerdfighteria! people here actually understand my obsession for all things lotr, and get excited along with me! my friends dont understand why ive been excited for the hobbit movie for the past 2 years, but it doesnt help when peter jackson releases all those hobbit production behind the scenes videos lol not to mention ive fallen asleep to tolkiens tales recited by firelight since the day i was born

heh, talk about being raise a nerdfigher...

without even knowing! lol and then that moment when u discover nerdfighteria and its like "ZOMG I BELONG!!!!" hehe

I absolutely love the new trailer! The wonderful music the epic sequences alongside some funny snap shots. The wonderful dwarven song! And Gollum at the end asking Bilbo! OH great to hear Andy Serkis again!

I like everything about it! it looks to be as amazing as the other 3.  only lotr's movies seem to be just as superb as the books!

can someone link to the other 2 trailers? i can only find the one....

We only have one so far... but you can watch the production, blog kinda videos that are up thanks to peter jackson... they show you some awesome stuff in them!


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