Do you think that Craig with a wig is, in fact, a clone?


Personally, I think he's just Craig's alter ego, since they're both Craig, after all. And Craig would never name a clone after himself. They don't deserve it.


But that's just my opinion. Does anyone else have other thoughts on the matter?

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This is a very possible option, I like to think that Craig with a wig is actually Craig's time traveling/extra-dimensional alter ego, that is stuck in our universe purely due to the amount of beard contained in Craig's apartment, with the clones having beards and what not.
Ooh, I like your logic. That brings up a whole new set of possibilities.
Craig with a wig is a spacetime paradox. He appeared one day when Wheezy was doing his time-travelling stuff.
I think Craig with a wig is the original Craig, just that a clone has taken over the position of "real Craig" while Craig with the wig is resenting the fact that one of his creations took over. (Think Rimmerworld from Red Dwarf).
Well Craig's now explained it hasn't he


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