Simple question. Do you like Quiet Clone or Sexy Clone or Craig with a wig (if you consider him a clone - I do) or whatever. Which is your favorite?

Gotta love Sexy Clone. XD

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Sexy clone FTW
Sexy Clone! ^^
Quiet Clone! He's so cute and I think he might be saying some very useful things.
he's so CUTE! <3 Quiet clone ftw.

Quiet clone all the way.

Though I love Craig with a wig too, but not sure what to count him as

Sexy clone. Quiet clone is a close second.
I've got a fever, and the only more Sexy Clone!!!
Quiet clone ! love him ! (:
Revenge Clone.
stalker clone :)
I wish he hadn't been killed of
Happy Clone!! Wheezy killed him a long time ago but he was the one who always laughed and he's still my favorite (:


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