Which do you think is stronger, Arthur's Bromance with Merlin or his Romance with Gwen?

I figured this group needed a discussion...

Anyways I'd say his Bromance with Merlin, just because I love them both so much, and I think I'm the only Merlin fan on the planet that doesn't ship Gwen/Arthur... Oh well, tell me what you think :)

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Definitely the bromance. I mean they have been through a ton together and while Gwen has considerable stake in Arthur's heart there is always Lancelot there to throw things off. Due to Merlin's friendship and loyalty not being bound by romance I think it is just the stronger relationship in general. I mean the conflict of romance gets in the way of Arthur and Merlin's relationship often enough, but it is still going strong, while other relationships cannot take it, as I suspect Gwen's will fail eventually.

I think that the Arthur/Gwen was a solid ship for the whole true love conquers social boundaries mush, but in Arthurian legend we know that the Gwen does become queen, making the pairing cannon, so it may seem like everyone ships them but there are those of us that feel differently.

I followed Lancelot/Gwen for a while, I just can't decide what to ship.

Your opinion?

I know so many people who ship Merlin/Arthur! I don't personally, I'm all for Gwen/Arthur, or even in the very first series I totally shipped Gwen/Merlin for a while, but I've never really liked the bromance. I think the idea that they're best friends and there for each other is enough for me without shipping them, though I can see why people do. I also think that Merlin/Morgana is a really interesting ship, but I can't quite make up my mind about it. I don't think there's enough physical chemistry on the show for me to see it, but it would be interesting if some appeared in Series 4!


I don't ship Merthur either :) but if I'm not mistaken, the brotherly friendship that they have is called bromance. (My lack of shipping doesn't keep me from reading Merther fan fiction :) tee hee)

well, i think that since arthur is always willing to lead merlin to his likely death in order to save gwen, he probably loves her more than he likes merlin.


although, i do beleive that merlin and arthur are a better team and all around more awesome.

Personally I think Arthur and Gwen's romance is very cute but Arthur and Merlin just make me laugh so much, and I think they will stick together, so Bromance all the way!
Definitely the Bromance, i just don't care for Gwen and i think that her mmm...possible lack of devotion will show through better in the next season.
definately the bromance :P you can tell. its a special bond and gwen will turn out a slut


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