We've got some Midwesterners from all over in this little group.  I've noticed that a lot of people have been posting in the chat about their whereabouts, so this might keep everything a little more orderly.


Where are you from?


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I'm in St. Louis, Missouri. One of my favorite places to be :)

One of my fave places too.

Chicago!(--land-ish-suburbia, but Chicago requires less explanation. :) )
Chicago! (Downtown-ish)
Defiance, mo....close to lake saint louis.
I am from Saint Charles, MO, but I am currently going to university in Kirksville.
Charles City, Iowa. A tiny little town near the Minnesota boarder.
Floyd, IA. Even smaller than Charles City. This group nearly has more members than Floyd has residents.
Wisner, NE. small town but also from Scottsbluff, NE. Go Nebraska!
I'm from a suburb, but live in Chicago, Illinois. There are very few places I would trade it for.
I study in Southwest Missouri, but I summer in Columbia, MO.
I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but I go to college in Muncie, Indiana at Ball State.


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