Right, I had an awesome idea a few minutes ago to make an awesome adventure test, and I'd like to know how many of you, if you found it, would try it and what you would like as a prize for completing it?


The test would be based on three skill sets:

The first would be called "The Chess Board" and it would be a test of precision

The second would be called "Monster slayer" and that seems self explanitary - you gotta mash up dem monsters

The third would be a logic puzzle, (I haven't thought up a name for it yet, but it's a door logic puzzle.)


So, any thoughts would be amazing! What do you think?

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Sounds very cool, I would be interested and have friends who would be to - if it's extended to them. 

Sure, I'd be happy to build it on anyone's server for them. I'm making a prototype on my single player server right now (My Multi is being glitchy). What would you like as a prize for completing it?

I'd definitely try it. :D I love those sorts of things. I don't know about a prize- I'd do it for nothing, personally.
Awesome, well I was thinking something rare to get or hard to make? What would you most love to just find in a chest?
A reward could be a powerful item, or a block or so of diamonds. i can hack them easy if needed, same for Bedrock so people dont cheat. also, if you just compress and upload your save-file then you dont need to build it over again. Just send it to me and i can replace the needed stuff with bedrock (if you like) then send it back for upload. anyone could do it then. you just need to make sure they only have the necessary items in the inventory. I can also take care of that with INVedit.
Precision doesnt sound like Chess, Strategy yes, but not precision. Maybe if you want precision you can try an aiming test. otherwise it sounds good.
It's not ACTUALLY chess dear. I can't complete it though, I don't have the necessary components on my single server...

If you tell me what you need, you can send me your level.dat file and i can modify it to your needs without removing anything.


I need a monster spawner, lava and any items people want as a prize.
The spawner may be a problem unless i have the entire save file, then it should be fine, but in most cases, a placed spawner only does Pigs so you have to edit it with Cheat Engine or something AFTER placing it. everything else is easy.
OK guys, I have the test UP AND READY TO GO! The first test - The Chessboard. A test of accuracy of movement. I would suggest using 2 lava for every 1 obsidian, where I have only used 1, or perhaps more steping-stone style pads. The second test is the room, full of monsters (I killed them to stop myself dying). The third test - choice. Choose right, you get a choice of 5 prizes, wrong and you get to die.

Awesome, just upload the save file and we can test it



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