I decided to make a screenshot thread.

Here's a land mine I made

Here's Frantic_Me trapped in a little box :PFeel free to add your own screenshots (Tip: Press F1+F2 to take a screenshot)

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Wheat, sugar cane, and cactus farm.


Mob catcher.


Tree farm with leaves stripped. Inside.


Dog kennel, more upstairs.


Anteroom, of sorts.


Portal in my house. I have maybe three and i can never remember where they are. Because I hid them.

love the dog kennel! i need to make one of those. my dogs keep dying..

Storage room. Anteroom behind me, portal straight ahead, tree farm, bedroom, and dog kennel to the right.


Giant wooden house. This was my third building, I want to say.


Inside of the wooden building. Netherrack in the middle, there. It's quite large and spawns different animals, then they wander into the fire. Oops.


Upper level of the wooden house. It's quite dark and sometimes spawns aggressive mobs. Which is fine, because they see me, fall into the fire, and die. So, there.

Your wood house reminds of and olden style german farm house, like in Triberg germany.

The beginning of a light house. I'm not really sure what to do with this one.

My three main buildings are connected by under-water tunnels. (First being my main house with the Nether portal, tree farm, and dog kennel. Second being the wooden house. Third being the one below.)


This is the third main building. It was basically used for testing fireplaces out. They work.

This is my watch tower or 'Mine's Eye.' Get it? No? Moving on.


This is the view from the very top of the watch tower. I have small shacks like this sprawled out across the land, each one with a mine straight down.

Oh? What's that on the horizon?


Hello there, ridiculously large castle.


Admittedly, it looks cooler from the outside. But look at how large it is! It's give or take 100x 100 x maybe 40ish. It took me about a week to level everything out and lay down the walls.The middle building I used to climb on and shoot at the mobs while being a safe distance away, so nothing could harm me. Hurray! I still don't know what to do with this space. Ideas?

This is, from left to right:  My mobfarm with trainstation, an icecream-cone made of ice and wool in the back,  an ice-pyramid and a small lavatower.

This is the biggest possible lava-cube (that can be achieved from the ocean-level with just one bucket of lava and a bucket of water), with layers shown.

My aquarium. Sadly, no squids yet. :-)


My semitautomatic ice-machine :-)
I've got some epic mountains and a floating island where i built my home.


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