Hey there guys.

I was wondering if there was any kind of interest in a possible nerdfighter gathering this summer.  It would be kept pretty simple.  We could exchange ideas for the future of nerdfighting here in the Show-Me State, talk about helping reduce world suck, and even discuss blogging/vlogging or other stuff.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts and ideas (especially on a place).



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the zoo is cool, so is the art and history muesuems plus they are all free
Sounds like a pretty cool plan to me.
I know I really haven't posted much about this but I'm still interested in getting something happening but I'm not getting a whole lot of responses. So this may have to be pushed off a little until we can get more details put together.

Keep those ideas coming though I do want to make this happen sometime soon
My friends and I had an idea similar to this. We thought since a lot of gatherings happen on the coast, that we should try to have a "Mid-west" gathering sometime in the summer of '11 in St. Louis, as it's a pretty central location. Any thoughts or comments?

okay there hasn't been much comment on this in a while but i would just like to say that this is an awesome idea! 

could be in jefferson city, or something, thats about in the middle.

I say St. Louis! (That may be because I live there though...) But there are a lot of cool places to meet up here. I also like the idea of just trying to get a whole "Mid-west" thing going as well. :D

I like St.Louis too! (yeah I also live there) But there also good places to meet. I mean the zoo is free, but maybe forest park instead? That would be amazing.


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